Battle Warship: Naval Empire

What is the VIP status for?
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

What is the VIP status for?

Tap the VIP button below your avatar to see the effects of each VIP level.

Similar to other MMORTS games, the higher your VIP level reaches, the greater benefits you get from it when it is activated. In this game for instance, VIP6 unlocks the 6th route, while VIP 9 unlocks the 7th. Usually, the perks or boosts that comes with it increases altogether like free building time, free research time, increase in marching speed, Troop attack and Defense, and many more.

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How to receive VIP benefits:

Tap the VIP button below your mission avatar to enter the VIP Interface. Click the activate button, and then use your VIP item to activate the VIP level you want for your desired length of time. If you don't have the required item, you can purchase it with gold coins.

How to raise your VIP level:

You can tap the VIP button below your avatar to enter the VIP Interface. Then, check their current VIP level on the VIP point scale, current VIP points, and the number of points required to attain each higher level. Add VIP points to fill up the gauge, and your VIP level will increase.

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How to obtain VIP points:

You can tap the "VIP points" button in the VIP Interface to enter the purchase interface, then purchase and use the appropriate points item to increase your VIP level. This is the fastest way. Another method is to purchase limited time packs (via IAPs) to get VIP points items.

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