Battle Warship: Naval Empire

How to Defeat Stronger Players in Battle Warship Naval Empire?

How to Defeat Stronger Players in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
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You might have been attacked by a higher level player and got your troops annihilated and now you feel bad. Well you shouldn't.

Losing a battle does not necessarily mean you actually lost. It all boils down on how much you are willing to spend in order to see your troops winning. In essence, whenever you perform an attack on other players, you are endangering your own troops' safety. Performing an attack is always costly regardless of what MMORTS game you play, but this game particularly will set you back a lot of notches.

For instance an enemy player have higher tiered troops than yours and decided to attack you, if he sent a thousand Tier 3 warships to destroy your similar number of Tier 1 warships, it may show up in the battle report that you will lose all of the T1s, and from the attack, two-thirds of his own army might survive. Even the power rating drop may show that you lost significant power compared to that of your opponent, but in reality, the repair costs it would take him to recuperate usually is ten fold or more of what you need. What this means is that he just lost in the numbers game as it would actually cost him more (Take note though that this only works if you are wise in protecting your resources).

The actual point of attacking a Base is to rob it of its resources. So if you do lose your resources in the process, you might have as well fueled your attacker's Fleet. So always bear in mind the importance of keeping your resources grounded and at the minimum. This way, you'll manage to avoid any potential threat in the first place. Nonetheless, at least now you know that getting defeated in the battle report does not always mean you lose.

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