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How Do You Perform a Rally?

How Do You Perform a Rally?
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How Do You Perform a Rally?
I tried to look to a Rally enemy on the battlefield but couldn't find one?

Probably the reason is because you do not currently belong to any alliance. It takes a number of requirements to actually beat special PVE enemies in the battlefield which is why you need to perform a rally attack in order to even get the chance to beat them. If you are not part of any alliance, you wouldn't have the opportunity to perform a rally which is the basic requirement to attack these enemies.

However, if you do have an alliance and your rally seemed to have pushed through - but still do not have anything in return, the probable reason is that you failed the mission. There are a couple things that could relatively make you fail a rally.

How Do You Perform a Rally?
First is that no one joined your rally. When performing a rally, make sure that there are other active members in your current alliance that are online. To check this, simply go to the alliance tab and check for members that are present. It wouldn't hurt to ask members too if they are even interested in pushing through with a rally. Usually, rallies are prescribed as alliance missions and you’ll just have to pick-up on the time that everybody else is doing theirs. Otherwise, if you hardly find anyone who’s into it, you might want to find an another alliance.

Second is that the rally did push through, but the fleet number didn't exactly defeated the enemy. This is rather frustrating. It will cost you stamina and troops and still you wouldn't be rewarded with anything. For safety measures, always check the volume of troops or players needed to defeat an enemy. There is a complex computation that is behind this system, but the game usually suggest the number of players required to defeat the enemy. If you happen to have not met all the requirements, the rally could potentially fail.

How Do You Perform a Rally?
Lastly, set your timers appropriately. If your members are actively engaged in these missions, set the timers enough so that everybody participating can reach your base and would not necessarily wait too long as well. If you do not have much activity, there are the longer wait options that can accommodate other players when they are ready. This is a bit risky though and usually fails. Try to check the details of the opponent as well. Every enemy have details about their fleet and overall power. The rule of thumb is simple: bring in a collective total power rating higher than the opponent - for you to win.

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