Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Why Am I Always Losing Resources?

Why Am I Always Losing Resources?
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

There are probably two main reasons for losing resources in the game.

First should be obvious - you are attacked by other players when you are off the game, and you resources are being plundered. This should be obvious if you constantly check your mail for recent battle reports. If this is the case, then you should probably consider learning the basics of the game first. In Battle Warship: Naval Empire, resources are the bloodline of every operation. People in the game do attack other players - specifically to plunder their resources.

Why Am I Always Losing Resources?
If you happen to gather and hoard a lot of resources (especially uranium) in the game, once people scouted and saw you having a lot of them would potentially lead them to actually attack you. Be mindful of the amount you gather at one point. Make sure to always use everything to purchase upgrades or purchase warships of your own. Do not leave anything more than what your storehouse can effectively protect from plunder to get people out your way.

Simply put, resources are what attracts other people to attack other bases. In essence, resources are the fuel of any attacks. And if they do not see a potential gain from attacking you, they wont push through with it. What you might want to do instead, is to procure the packaged resource items from doing PVE missions, or from participating in-game events. Every milestone in the game usually showers you with these packaged resources and only use them when you really need them. Additionally, whenever you achieved something, you can claim a reward for it (which is normally in from of in-game resources). Take note though that there isn't an expiration or duration to claim the reward so make it as your personal storage of resources -- safe from being plundered by other players.

Why Am I Always Losing Resources?
The second reason that you might be running out of resources is that you are attacking the wrong level of enemies / players. You should know that attacks do costs you resources whenever you send your troops, break them down, and have them repaired. If you happen to go negative in the whole process, you might have picked a higher tiered enemy than you can handle. You might be winning the battle, but in reality, you lose more resources in the process. If this is the case, simply find the right enemy level for you -- which would give you the most number of resources for the same amount of stamina point used in the attack. Hope this helps!

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