Battle Warship: Naval Empire

What is the Stamina for?

What is the Stamina for?
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

Stamina in the game works like a movement penalty system similar to that of other games. It is mainly there to limit the amount of moves you get to make per day. There is however a chance to replenish this instantly with packaged stamina items - which are usually earned as rewards from achievements, from missions, or from certain events in the game. By default, you'll have 200 stamina points at the start of the day, and every pertaining move will set you back by 5 points.

What is the Stamina for?
It may occur to you that there is so much moves you can make in one day compared to other similar MMORTS titles. However, you should know that Battle Warship: Naval Empire heavily utilizes its PVE missions for your to gather important upgrade items for your aircraft and aircraft carrier, as well as a good source of resources in the game too. Being smart with how you spend your stamina makes up a huge difference in progress in the game.

For instance, if you spend 5 stamina points for a Tier 7 Pirate Fleet, you'll get less resources compared to when you try to attack a Tier 10 Pirate Fleet. Take into consideration the loss and repair costs that you'll have to do after the attack as well. It wouldn't make much sense to target a high tiered pirate fleet if all the resources you earn will end up being used to repair your ships.

What is the Stamina for?
How to get more Stamina?

- Your Stamina will be replenished to 200 every 24 hours, which amounts to about 1 Stamina every 7.2 minutes
- You can get Stamina items when your Command Center is online for a long period of time
- Store for Gold
- Through specially packaged in-app purchases.
3. You can purchase Stamina in the shop using gold coins

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