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Review by GuestMay 13th 2019
Been playing now for 9 months. I played for several months alone, and then with a small alliance. The real breakthrough in play came when I was invited to join a larger alliance. For 7 months I have enjoyed daily play.
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Review by GuestMay 11th 2019
Lack of support and guidance. I am stuck from 1 week at one task.. and no help from app support also...
How to complete epic quest XVIII "Individual(Urgent) event goal?
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Review by USC_CobraApr 23rd 2019
I'm not a happy camper. I was told that our alliance is being dissolved because the developers refuse to fix an issue. A lot of us have paid good hard earned money to get where we're at and now being punished because we're to powerful. I wasted all my money. What a shame.
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Review by GuestApr 16th 2019
The server system has cut three of my spaces for no reason the most recent face cut they now have the same based on two different phones how did they do that why did they do that does anybody else have this issue.
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Review by GuestApr 9th 2019
Nice game and addictive. I've played this game 25 days straight and it wouldn't stop
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Review by GuestMar 6th 2019
I actually like the concept of sea battles and navy. I'm not actually fond of ships and ship battles, but the fact that I'm hooked with the game and interested with its concept/premise actually speaks loud that the game is good and lots of potential.

The downside is that the graphics could do better. If you zoom in on objects it becomes pixellated or blurry. IT should be improved and be more higher definition. also the game should not be too much about REAL MONEY spending. The creators should also have like advertisement or something to make it lighter on the purse of the players.
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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2019
Amazing aside from the fact its practically PAY TO WIN
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2019
Suspect devs on servers. On new server in 10 days a player goes from base lvl 1 to base lvl 20? All to get other players to buy alot more to make company more money.
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Review by Your momJan 20th 2019
This is one horrible game.... you spend real money, complain that you dont recieve whay you pay for and they take a week to respond, and then you still dont recieve the items that you pay for..... its total theft
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Review by GuestJan 16th 2019
Amazing that is all needed to say because I need to play more
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Review by GuestDec 21st 2018
Fair game. Little on expensive side, but fun none the less. Would like to see better customer service and cheaper prices for pieces however.
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Review by GuestNov 27th 2018
The game is quite interesting. I'm not happy though. I cant increase the number of carriers that I have. Its slows me down. I'll b happy if there are other ways to buy carriers without using credits, especially for players here in nigeria.
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Review by GuestNov 12th 2018
They should give people at least two carriers why have spare carrier slots if you don't have any to fill it up with I have been playing the game for a good time now and I have not gotten a carrier to say that the game have me one no fare. But the game is great assume. I want a carrier thou.KAPISI.INVER ..server 162 .
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Review by GuestNov 9th 2018
Its awesome keep me awake for 16 hours 5 star
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Review by GuestOct 27th 2018
It ok. Just need to drop cost of many things. $40 for a ship? Then pay another $20 to upgrade it.
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Review by GuestOct 27th 2018
Great game if you are willing to spend some good money
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Review by GuestOct 13th 2018
This game is great, for casual and determined players. Great for any pace. Plenty of expansion and new content.
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Review by GuestOct 12th 2018
Love it enjoying every moment of the game
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Review by GuestOct 7th 2018
Good game, there are some problems but if you write to support they solve them quickly. I don't give out 5 stars because to have best carriers or for upgrade planes or carriers you must spend thousands of euros
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Review by TidalwaveSep 11th 2018
Cool game to play I like it good graphics
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Review by GuestAug 16th 2018
I love this game.... I have not been able to put the game down since I started playing it.
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Review by GuestAug 10th 2018
I didn't love this game. I switched the server and i lost all my power.
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2018
I really liked up until I been spend a lot of money and they froze my account

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Review by GuestJul 25th 2018
I liked it till I found out there isn't any customer service so thumbs down. Spent money and then all lost when I had to reinstall.
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Review by GuestJul 21st 2018
Good action and events, should put a level cap on wartime.
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Review by GuestJul 11th 2018
Addictive and time consuming. Need to think about how to manage resources to gain strength. The game is a good test for anger management. You are playing against the world. Join up with others and build your base. Compete for world power.
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Review by GuestJul 6th 2018
Good Time Killer and fun to play when nothing else to do
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Review by GuestJun 27th 2018
Good online games, you can create friends all other nations,
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Review by GuestJun 17th 2018
Excellent very intriguing and mind thinking strategy
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Review by GuestMay 24th 2018
Super fantastic game . I like everything in this game
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2018
I'm unable to log on to my account, spent thousands and can't get any help or answers
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Review by GuestMay 17th 2018
Still learning the game and don't understand the psionic zone
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Review by GuestMay 9th 2018
Had so much fun with this kind of game... its my stress reliever after work. I've gained a lot of friends and been promoted as admiral of our alliance having a lvl 14 base as of the moment. I wish the admins would give access to countries that doesn't have access on google play credits and give way for a simpler Direct Carrier Billing for in-app purchases. - noypi_rizal
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Review by GuestMay 3rd 2018
Trying to figure out what a energy battery does
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Review by GuestApr 15th 2018
Time and money consuming but fun to play, need better guide on how to play the game though
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Review by GuestMar 17th 2018
The is highly interactive and engaging. I have enjoyed playing and their should be some changes made to the conflict in Bermuda where you can not shield and be attacked while you are inside fighting for the position. Seems to me this does not work and hence you can be booted out of the Bermuda realm after having a loss of huge amounts of RSS. Also, please look to offer shields to players at reduced pricing rather than 1200 or 1500 gold each. Players are forced to not shield and not be able to protect their resources and consequently a very smaller crowd is able to grow to higher levels. You will end up with many dead alliances with empty towns as we are seeing in this game the way it is now. Having opportunities for lower levels to grow assist the idea of a real alliance being able to build. I myself have invested in paying to play and reached level 20 in a little over a week using my own funds but realized without other players being able to grow this would be a short lived expensive proposition. The game needs to change some but has all the fun attributes. Hope to see changes
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Review by GuestMar 8th 2018
Good game. But do yourself a favor stay off the world chat drama
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Review by GuestFeb 6th 2018
It's interesting and some what enjoyable, like the vast upgrades and usually always something to do
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Review by GuestFeb 3rd 2018
Good game, wish settings were not so easy to change accidentally.
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Review by GuestDec 5th 2017
Great game, played it everyday since I installed it.
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Review by GuestDec 2nd 2017
Be lot better if shields werent so expensive, just starting takes time to build up to be competitive, yet shields cost fortune
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Review by GuestDec 1st 2017
I quite enjoy playing.. lvl 15 and climbing
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Review by GuestNov 4th 2017
Great game with decent graphics, the gameplay is great. I would recommend
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