Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Getting Started

Getting Started
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

To get started in Battle Warship: Naval Empire, the first thing that you should probably want to do is familiarize yourself with this game's interface, as well as the glossary of terms usually found in the game. Only through familiarizing yourself with the game's interface will you be able to find your way around the different sections of the game, as well as facilitate your growth the most efficient way.

As with most MMORTS titles, this game also has a main interface where you'd probably do much of facilitating your progress - your Headquarters Screen.

Getting Started
(The interface when inside your base is pretty much at default like this. We've indicated points of interest you might want to familiarize yourselves with and their pertaining functions are listed below.)

1. Commander Avatar - shows the player info including level, current power, stamina (movement penalty system for fleet battles), and experience gauge.

2. VIP Level - toggle to see the effects of your current VIP level and/or activate it, or extend it remaining duration. The higher your VIP level, the greater the stat bonuses you will receive.

3. Resource Supply Indicators - displays your current stockpile of Electricity, Oil, Uranium and Gold. Additionally, when you click a particular resource counter, a menu will open up to enable you to use resource packs you have for that particular resource, or the option to purchase via use of gold or IAP as well.

4. Aircraft Carrier Base -is what would normally be your HQ, Base, or Town in other similar games. It's level mainly dictates the current cap level of upgrade you can do to all buildings/facilities within your aircraft carrier.

5. Resource Collector Plots - where you build resource collectors for electricity, oil, or uranium within your own base.

6. Epic Quests - shows the current progress of your epic quests for the day.

7. Time-limited Deals - usually showcases specially tailored item packages for your current state and level. It usually Includes Gold, Speedups, and Resources.

8. Tips / Current Objective - indicates the next thing that you might want to do in order to progress in the game.

9. Chat box - initially set in the world chat mode where you typically see everybody on the same server chatting with one another. If you join an alliance however, your alliance chat box will be the default view.

10. Rankings - displays a list of individual ranking sorted to varied variables like power levels, commander level, number of kills, and the like within the server or globally.

11. Mission - goes to a sub menu where you could check your currently lined up Main mission, Daily Mission, Alliance Mission, or VIP mission. Through this sub menu, you can also collect the corresponding rewards of each accomplished mission.

12. Items - shows an inventory of reward items that you currently have like Stamina packs, resource packs, speedups and the like.

13. Mail - your access to system messages, and private messages from players within the server.

14. Alliance - gives you access to the different actions or activities that has anything to do with your alliance, including alliance help, alliance store, war room, etc.

15. More - shows a variety of misc. options that the game permits you to do including checking leader boards, enter gift codes, and fiddle around with some game settings.

16. Battlefield View Toggle Button - toggles Battlefield View (world view), and when from there, alternatively serves as the toggle button to get back to your Aircraft Carrier Base Interface.

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