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Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

If you played a different MMORTS game before this game, understanding the basics wouldn't be a problem. For majority of the standard fare in these types of games are relatively similar in concept and are primarily re-named for something. If you have an in-depth knowledge of how things usually work, you'll pretty much have no problem easing in to the game.

However, you should at least know that in order to unlock most of the features of the game, you'd still have to go through it's tutorial phase. Until you get to Aircraft Carrier Base 4 (your HQ in the game), will you only be able to unlock most of the features of the game. A minor difference seen in this game too is that you mostly get your resources from doing PVE quests attacking pirates instead of simply gathering from resource tiles (which are nontheless still available in the game).

Probably the most interesting thing to find in this game is how its march queues are performed. Not that they are totally different from other MMORTS titles, its just the customization options that comes with it are quite interesting. Where in some games you have heroes or officers to lead your troops, you get aircraft carriers in this game --each of which has their own equipment customization option, its own selection of attack aircrafts, and seemingly upgrade-able options just about every where. Although it might get kind of complicated at some point, it is very interesting nonetheless.

To help you adjust to mechanics of this game, we've shortlisted some of the most helpful beginner tips to help you learn some efficient, sustainable, and probably the safest way to grow and progress in the game. Let's begin!

Prioritize Building an Attack March Carrier

When you reach Base Level 7-8, you'll basically be able to unlock most of the contents of the game. From here on, the queues of tips coming from the game can quite get a bit more reserved and not as spontaneous - which at the same time will now give you more freedom to actually do whatever you please.

Beginner Tips
From this point onwards too, you might have 2-3 marching queues available to you. Even if you have this much, you might want to settle down for a while and refrain from going all out on attacks on enemy pirates. It is important that you learn early in the game that it costs a lot of resources and time to repair the fleet that you send to battles (Mostly PVE battles against pirates). Although you are typically given a lot of freebies during this phase, you might just want to pour all of that on your upgrades.

What you might want to do instead is pick an aircraft carrier that has the better armor among all the ones you currently have. Use and upgrade this Aircraft Carrier as an Attack Marching Queue. Instead of sending a fleet with the Attack Aircraft Carrier, see to it that you upgrade its aircrafts to the maximum level you can with them, and perform all enhancements and equip the best equipment to it.

When done, find the strongest pirate that you can fight, and send your attack aircraft carrier to fight (without any accompanying ships). What this does for you exactly is that
it basically gives you free resources and loots from enemy pirates - without the need to sacrifice any of your ships and have them repaired later on. This means you basically earn 100% of the resources you manage to plunder. Remember that both your aircrafts and the aircraft carrier itself do not need repairs unlike your ships (troops).

See to it that you also take the time to research on stuff that will grant extra boosts for your aircraft carrier defense, aircraft attack, and everything that will ultimately make this trick work a whole lot better.

Use Remaining March Queues for Gathering

Gathering in the game is revealed as you reach around base level 4-5. When you finally mamange to create your attack aircraft carrier, use the remaining carriers to help you gather resources for you. That said, you might want to focus your research and upgrades on this carriers in a way that gathering becomes more efficient. Use your ships, preferrably Tier 1s, to accompany these gathering carriers.

Beginner Tips
The reason for Tier 1s is that they cost a whole lot cheaper, and if ever the chance comes that another player tries to tile-hit your resource-collecting troops, it wouldn't cost you a lot reapiring them. Remember that the only benefit higher tiered troops give you is a higher attack rate. When it comes to actually repairing them, it becomes exponentially more expensive than the lower tiered ones.

Gather Resources Only when You Need Them

Although you might have progressed easily through the tutorial levels of the game (more or less until you reach base level 10), you’ll soon and inevitably approach the point where progress becomes too taxing and a bit too slow compared to the first few days in the game. The bottleneck in this game is not surprisingly the resources as with any other MMORTS titles out there. But not entirely for the reason that you'll have difficulties getting them but instead, of keeping them.

Since the motif of the game is seemingly attuned to the age of pirates, plundering bases is something that is very common and inevitable in the game. Though this might not be evident during the first few days of the game since you have a free shield, you'll probably learn this truth as you progress in the game.

Our tip to combat this is to heavily rely on packaged resources and keep them until the point where you would actually need them (say upgrade something in your base). For the resources that you get from attacking pirates, use them as soon as you get them.

Beginner Tips
It is also helpful to know that the PVE missions that you accomplish lets you claim the rewards at your own convenience. Unlike many other MMORTS titles, they do not expire, and can be claimed anytime. As you have this option, try your best not to claim the rewards unless you really need to use the resources. If you also need a particular resource, try to find other means available first like collecting from your resource collectors, or attacking pirates rather than using your packaged resources.

Keep Your Resources Safe

Being smart with how you earn resources is one thing, keeping them safe is another. In the game, as much you want to simply put together the numbers that would avail you progress, it is important to keep in mind that other players can easily plunder your base to get them. Whenever other people scout your base, one of the defining reasons to push through with an attack is the number of resources that they will potentially gain.

As a countermeasure, you might want to keep yourself empty handed most of the time. If you’re a beginner, you wouldn't have any troubles with resources as the game would normally shower you with packaged resources to keep you steadily progressing up until you reach base level 10-12.

A fun fact in the game is that performing and attack (to other players) is actually costly. Fighting fire with fire isn't your best bet as you'd most likely to lose either way. Higher level players tend to have better tiered troops and even a bigger number of them which would easily wipe your shipyard clean. Keep it low key with on-hand resources, and produce T1s for gathering at least during your beginner phase.

As a protection too, build up your storehouse. It defines a threshold limit of protected resources. As you upgrade this facility, the number of resources free from being plundered gets higher. Try not to go above its limit so that you'd never lose anything significant while trying to survive the war-infested world.

Lastly, you can join a formidable alliance that will ultimately deter other player to pick a fight with you. In most instances, allies would work hard to keep every member benefiting from the group - aside from the boosted resource depots an alliance would have, members would also play together to meet a common goal or quest.

Losing a Battle does not Necessarily Mean You Lost

You might have been attacked by a higher level player and got your troops annihilated and now you feel bad. Don't fret as losing a battle does not necessarily mean you actually lost. It all boils down on how much you are willing to spend in order to see your troops winning. In essence, whenever you perform an attack on other players, you are endangering your own troops' safety.

For instance a player have higher tiered troops than yours and decided to attack you, if he sent a thousand T3s to destroy your similar number of T1s, it may show up that you will lose all of the T1s, and probably level half of his, but in reality, the repair costs it would take him to recuperate usually is ten fold or more of what you need. What this means is that he just lost in the numbers game as it would actually cost him more. Take note though that this is only plausible if you are wise in protecting your resources.

Beginner Tips
The actual point of attacking a base is to rob it of its resources. So if you do lose your resources in the process, you might have as well fueled your attacker's fleet. So always bear in mind the importance of keeping your resources grounded and at the minimum. This way, you'll manage to get off any potential threat.

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