Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and Facilities
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

Upon checking out some of the important buttons and sub-menus in the game, you might want to learn next the different points of interest within your base itself. For one thing, you'll spend much of your "Beginner Phase" within the bounds of your aircraft carrier - basically upgrading facilities and unveiling the different functions of each building.

Buildings and Facilities
1. Aircraft Carrier Base - Your base is the heart of your Aircraft Carrier and probably the most important part of it. Each time you upgrade your Base, you basically unlock a higher tier of upgrade for every building inside your Aircraft Carrier. That said, if for instance your Base is at level 16, it follows that all other Buildings can be upgraded to a maximum of level 16. Apart from this, you can also unlock a withstanding limit by reaching a certain Base level like new buildings or features.

2. Base Buildings - There are a collection of structures built around your base. Most of which are responsible for upgrading your defenses, and increasing your overall power. Some of the building to find around the aircraft carrier are the; Dock, Different Ship Depot, Energy Tower, Radar, Particle Accelerator, etc.

3. Vacant Building Slots - are empty plot of lands that will be used to build more of your resource collectors as you reach higher levels in the game to keep up with the resource demand from your fleet's upkeep and basically for upgrades.

4. Fleet Enlistment Buildings - In front of your Base are the different shipyards where you build your armada. IN the game, they are called ship depots. Among the buildings are the Battleship Depot, Destroyer Depot, and the Cruiser Depot. As you progress through each of these buildings' levels, you'll eventually unlock the different types of ships to fight for you.

5. Aircraft Factory - is where you access your Aircraft Class. Your aircraft is an additional fighting force that you get to enlist in your battles and is never destroyed or damaged by enemies. Additionally, you can "Upgrade" your Aircraft from this building (when it opens up the Aircraft window), which will basically endow you with buffs in the game such as enhancement of the combat effectiveness of your fleet, increase both your fleet capacity, and your gathering skills.

6. Parade Grounds - displays your fleet that are currently docked inside your aircraft carrier. These fleet can be used to protect you from attackers. When they are not commissioned to perform gathering or any mission, they basically sit inside your base and can be used to fend off possible threats.

Additional Tip:

- As soon as you are able to use the storehouse, upgrade it to its cap limit. Since the game mechanics ultimately limits the players to gather resources (as you become potential prey to higher level and plunder-hungry players), you'll have the storehouse to protect your resources at a certain limit - dictated by its current facility level. So make sure that you always have this facility upgraded in order to give you a safe room for gathered resources.

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