Battle Warship: Naval Empire

World View

World View
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

To get to interact with other players and play the actual RTS part of the game, you'll have to go to the World View (or battlefield view of the game). When you toggle the world view, it will always show your base at the middle of the screen, cross referenced to your actual coordinates in the battlefield.

Among the usual stuff that you might initially see when you get here the first time are the following:

World View
1. Pirates - are spawned enemy units that your Fleet can Attack. Unlike most MMORTS games which have particular resource tiles to farm resources with within the battlefield, you mainly get additional resources by attacking pirates in this game. At the same time, they are the PVE content of the game as well, meaning you mainly perform your quest with these enemies. To attack, simply click on the Pirate Fleet of choice, and from there, adjust your battle parameters like the size of fleet you are going to send, etc.

2. Extra Resource Tiles - aside from the Resource Collectors you have inside your base, there are several resource tiles within the battlefield itself. This is a good way to make good use of your fleet that are on stand-by. To have your troops gather the pertaining Resources, simply click on the resource tile, and perform a mission march towards it. You may adjust parameters in order to maximize the number you get to take home for each mission.

3. Other player bases - apart from your base, you'll probably come across similar looking Buildings within the map. These are the bases of other players playing in the same Battlefield as you are. On the example image above, you'll see one that is currently shielded from other players. You basically get a shield by paying with the premium resource in the game - gold coins. You can choose to engage with other players by simply clicking on their base, and from there pick options like mailing them (sending a message), inviting them to an alliance, or even Attack them (as long as they are not shielded).

4. Chat Box - you may choose to chitchat with other players using the battlefield chatbox. Although take note that people belonging to an alliance would most likely be set to only see chat from people within their alliance. To make sure you get to send a message to a specific person of interest, you might want to click on his base instead and send a mail.

5. Go Base Button - similar to the world view Toggle button, you can go back to your base by simply clicking this button.

6. Your Base - shows your base coordinates within the battlefield itself. A march towards a target will be computed from your current location - which mean the farther the target is from your base, the longer it will take for it to reach its destination and perform the actual attack/engagement.

Additional Info:

- To teleport on a different location, make sure there isn't any obstructions or other players within the given coordinates and simply click the tile. From there, a teleport coordinate will be shown to you, and clicking on the teleport icon on top of the bubble will automatically transfer your HQ to this new location. Take note that depending on your location in the battlefield, you'll find higher tiered pirates, and better resource plots. Be wary though that it usually is dominated by higher leveled players that are more active in plundering other player bases.

World View
- The skull icon will automatically find you your specified enemy parameters. For instance a mission requires you to defeat 2 level 4 pirates, it would be easier to actually find one using this button. Also, you might want to use the bookmark feature in the worldview (beside the map icon on the upper left portion of the screen), to put your own notes on points of interest within the battlefield.

- Take note of march lines within the battlefield too. Blue lines indicate march patterns done by your alliance co-members, white line indicates march patterns by other players, and red line indicates march patterns that are either scouting you, or attacking your base.

World View
- The image above shows the typical look of a hive. A hive the collection of players that belong to a single alliance. They usually teleport within the bounds of their hive to gain alliance boosts for gathering, resource collection, and many more. An alliance will always have a command center like the one shown on the image above.

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