Battle Warship: Naval Empire

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
Battle Warship: Naval Empire Guide

The following are the main ways in which you can increase your power in battle:

1. Increasing the power of aircraft carriers will greatly improve the total power.

- As with any other MMORTS games, you'll need a unit to lead your marches. Where some games have heroes, or officers, you get aircraft carriers in this game. In essence, you can upgrade these units so that they increase in power, become faster / more efficient in marches -- which altogether improve your overall power in the game. Additionally, try selecting the best roster of aircraft for each carrier and customize them depending on their purpose (either for gathering or attack).

-Aircraft carriers have somewhat a skill-tree in the game too. You'll have to constantly enhance or improve its skills to gain more boosts from them - which will likely increase your overall power and efficiency.

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
2. Building warships and aircrafts, the higher the quality, the more you build, the higher your power.

- Although this is the easiest way to build power in the game, do not create ships more than what your docks can handle -- meaning, do not rely heavily in increasing power solely with the number of ships. For one thing, anything beyond what your docks can handle will permanently be destroyed (non-repairable). Second, even if you get to repair ships, it usually costs a lot of time and resources. Take notice of how the repair costs and time differences of making lower tiered warships to that of the higher ones.

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
- It is necessary to take progress efficiency in consideration in this game. You'll most probably not be able to successfully defend yourself unless you are included in the top 5 alliances in the battlefield (which will somewhat grant you protection or act as a deterrent). That said, there is likely no use to build higher tiered warships at the first few days or even months in the game. Play smart and work your way up slowly but steadily. Maintain a low profile and do not flaunt your resources (which will probably the first reason you'll be targetted).

3. Leveling up buildings, the higher the level of you buildings, the higher your power.

- As with any other MMORTS similar to this game. upgrading facilities and buildings within your base will usually improve your power rating. As you increase in level too, so will be the value of power increase you'll get for every single upgrade. Take note though that as the level of a building increase, the more time it actually takes to build it. Be smart about how you go about upgrades. Make sure you have enough stockpile of speedups to get everything done in a snap.

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?
Additional Tip: If there are accompanying mission events that require a specific increase in power or use of certain speed-ups, use them accordingly so that you'll earn the rewards of the event while increasing your power.

4. Researching technology, the higher the level of the technology, the more it will raise your power.

- Similar to other games too, you can increase power through tech research. In this game however, there are a ton of research you can do with your base, aircraft, and aircraft carriers themselves. Each tier unlocks as new set of skill, and the usual way to unlock the concluding tier is to achieve all pre-requisite levels on the previous tier. Nonetheless, if you play smart in the game, like for instance researching stuff that will make your marches faster or more effective against non-player enemies, you'll have no difficulties in playing the daily PVEs which will ultimately lead you to your fastest progress in the game.

How Do I Improve Power in Battle Warship Naval Empire?

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