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Nest Exploration Hints and Tips

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Nest Exploration Hints and Tips

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Nest exploration is a simple puzzle campaign section for Ant Legion. The purpose is to provide a single player activity to let you earn rewards and drive some progress. Through the initial tutorial stages you will need to make some progress here to clear chapters. As you level up it can provide useful rewards.

How to play Nest Exploration

This is a numbers based puzzles game where you need to complete an objective which is usually to defeat all of the enemies. Drag and drop your ants to an enemy burrow to battle them.

Your own ant group on the left has a number and can defeat any red enemy on the right as long as the number is higher. Once you defeat the enemy their number will be added to your own, increasing it, so that you can take on higher level enemies.

You must pick the enemies to battle against in the correct order to make sure your number always raises enough to then take on the next.

You will also have options in some stages to gain free points from food or multipliers from other items that will raise your number without fighting. You will need these to reach the higher levels. Some levels also have negative effects that will reduce your points.

Hints and Tips

Always check the requirements for the stage. This is usually 'Kill all enemies' but in some cases you need to retrieve an item and you may not need to fight every enemy.

Multipliers will quickly increase your score but if it is possible to clear any other sections first and defeat enemies to gain points before using the multiplier you should do that to gain the most benefit.

If you are quick with numbers these puzzles should be fairly simple but even if not you can take your time as there is no time limit. Making a mistake will also not cost you as you can restart the level and try again as many times as you want.

You cannot redo the levels, only move forward.

If you need any further help with Nest Exploration or the rest of the game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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