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Like most strategy games, Ant Legion is a long haul experience that you play for months or years. During that time you will need to make sure that your game is backup and safe in case of device problems and you may even want to play it on multiple devices or move it from one to another.

Binding your game will allow you to keep it safe and you can then log into it from any other device running it (although only on one at a time).

Binding your game

To save the game you must bind it to an external account. Ant Legion allows you to bind it to a Facebook account login or to Google Play or Game Center.

First Tap on the 'More' icon in the bottom right and then on 'Settings'

From the Settings menu tap on the Account option.

This will show your account details and give you a button for the 'User Center'

In the User Center select 'Bind Account'. Choose from facebook or Google Play / Game Center

Once you have logged in your game account progress is saved although you may need to restart the app for this status to show.

Logging in

Once it is bound you can load the game on a new device or second device to play it there.

If you have just loaded the game app on a new device then you will need to play though the initial tutorial levels to get to a point where the game allows you to access the More => Settings options.

Once in the User Center following the instructions above you now select 'Switch Account'.

Select the same external account that you used to bind the game previously and log in.

You will now have your existing game progress saved.

You can have multiple characters saved on one account but if you want to have multiple accounts (for example if you want to have more than one game running in a state) then you must use different external accounts for each.

If you have any further questions for playing Ant Legion please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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