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A new feature to the specialized ants is the Aid section. You can find this under the Specialized ant screen on the right of the top menu.

This will give you the opportunity to boost the level, and therefore power, of more of your specialized ants.

How to use Aid

When you go to the Aid section of the Specialized ants screen you will see that your best 5 current ants will be stationed at the top. These will automatically update if you make upgrades to the levels of any ants.

Specialized Ant - Aid

Below this are slots for aiding other ants. One will be unlocked initially and as you level up your queen more will become available. You need to spend honeydew to unlock them.

You can then tap the slot and select any of your other ants and they will have their level set to the lowest of the top 5 ants. So if you have 4 ants at level 210 and 1 at level 150 then all ants that you select for Aid below will have their level set to 150.

You can upgrade the level of your top ants to increase the fixed level of aid.

While a specialized ant is select for aid (i.e. having their level boosted) they cannot be upgraded themselves. You would need to deselect them to allow you to upgrade them. You do not really need to upgrade them though while they are being aided in this way.

You may want to deselect an aided ant from a slot in order to replace it with another one. To do this tap on the ant slot and you can then either 'Exit' which will remove the ant from the slot and start a 1 hour cooldown after which you can add a new ant to the slot. Or you can tap the Quit and Reset option which will cost 100 Diamonds and let you add a new ant immediately.

Specialized Ant - Aid


Depending on the level of your ants the main benefit will be that you can unlock skills for low level ants that may be useful to you without spending Honeydew or the breakout fruit required to boost them. This will allow you to focus on improving your best 5 fighting ants and then select your economy ants to be Aided in this way to unlock their skills.

If you have any further questions about Specialized ants or the rest of the game please see the Answers Page.

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