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Katydid Quiz

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The Katydid quiz is found above the ground to the left of the entrance and will give you the option to answers ant or game related questions for rewards. You can visit it at any time but after each question you answer there will be a time out before you can try another one. The cool down time varies but will gradually increase during the day and then reset back down at the game reset time.

Katydid Quiz
Katydid Quiz

Below is a list of known questions and answers. Please note that these are the question/answers that have been given in the game. Some of them do not make sense (possibly bad translation) and some answers do not necessarily agree with information found online.

Questions and Answers

Ants are a type of?
- Insects

After leafcutter ants cut off pieces of leaves, what do they do with them?
- Cultivate Fungi

What bodyparts do ants use to communicate?
- Tentacles

Which of the following is not the duty of soldiers?
- Breed

Where do ants usually build their nests?
- Underground

How long can an ant queen live?
- 20

How many legs does an ant have?
- 6

Which type of ant is a predator with one of the fastest jaw closure rate in nature?
- Bighorn

Which of the following options is a close relative of ants?
- Wasp

What color is fungi that is fostered by the Leafcutter ant?
- White

Which of the following parts enables ants to attack?
- Mandible

What are the living habits of ants?
- Social

Are Yellowjacket wasps social creatures
- Correct

Does the queen need to work when a new nest is built?
- Yes

In what century did ants first appear?
- Cretaceous

Which type of ant uses larvae silk to bundle fresh leaves to form nests?
- Weaver

How many stomachs does and ant have?
- 2

How many days can ants live in water?
- 28 days

Which of the following buildings can increase the number of deployed soldiers?
- Queen

How many days does it take for an ant to grow up from an egg to a worker?
- 14

How to obtain 'Alliance Gift'?
- Unlock the growth of alliance gift collection. You can get an alliance gift when the growth reaches the max.

Which of the following is not ant types?
- Termite

Which of the following statements about directed relocate is wrong?
- Use 'Directed Relocate' to dismiss the rally when you initiate a rally.

Drone ants are born from unfertilized eggs?
- Correct

What to do if your alliance shop turns empty?
- Inform alliance of replenishment

According to modern morphological classification, where do ants belong?
- Bees

What is another name for Drone?
- Drone

Which of the following ants have stingers in its body?
- Bullfighter

How many body parts do ants have?
- 3

Which is the smallest ant in the world?
- Thief ant

What is the relationship between the ant and the aphid?
- Symbiotic

What influence will be brought on a soldier if there is no food in vault?
- No effects

Which of the following is not a function of a soldiers mandible?
- Feed the young

Which of the following insects does not have a symbiotic relationship with ants?
- Stag Beetle

Which of the following options is not a weapon that ants will use?
- Leg

Ants use their mandibles to transport fertilized eggs and larvae?
- Correct

What eating habits do ants have?
- Ominvore

Which of the following ways is the fastest way to get resources?
- Go to the world for resources collection

Which ant is the biggest in the world?
- Myrmecia

What unit type does Haste soldier counter? What unit type counters haste soldier?
- Melee Soldier and Ranged Soldier

Which type of ant is the smallest in size in general?
- Worker

What is another name for the Worker ant?
- Architect

Insects are the natural enemies of plants?
- Wrong

Which of the following areas is not an area within the ants' range?
- Antarctica

What is the connection between ant migration and the weather?
- It doesn't matter

How many levels does a swarm have in total?
- 3

What is the main role of a Drone Swarm?
- Decrease the resources used for tech research

Which of the following ants is the 'Father Ant'?
- Drone

What is the main role of a Worker Swarm?
- Decrease the resources that buildings produce (this must mean decrease resources that building upgrades need)

How to improve the number of alliance members?
- Upgrade alliance tech 'alliance expansion'

Are Ants holometabolous?
- Correct

What is the function of 'Gift Level' shown in alliance gift?
- The higher the gift level is, the better the chest quality will be.

Which of the following statements about ant eating habbits is the most accurate?
- Omnivore

What is one of the most heat-resistant type of ant in the world?
- Desert Ant

When an army is marching towards you,which of the following actions can dodgy the attack?
- Use 'Directed Relocate'

Which of the following ants will use its body as a food container?
- Honey Ant

What type of ant will cut leaves from tree/plants and grows fungi?
- Leafcutter

Which of the following statements about the Queen is true?
- The Queen doesn't raise the young.

Which of the following body parts do worker ants not have?
- Wings

What is the function of the vault?
- The resources beyond the vault's cap will be looted

In a swarm, what kind of ants are the workers
- Gyne

European Amazon Ants often kidnap the larvae of Redwood ants as slaves?
- Correct

Are ants social creatures?
- Yes

In the stump contest, what's the function of Empty Nest?
- If the alliance affiliations of stumps and empty nests are different, the empty nest will keep attacking stumps.

What color are ant eggs?
- White

How many types of ants have been discovered so far?
- 15,000

What's the function of the Alliance Pool?
- Take in wounded soldiers beyond the capacity of healing pool.

Which of the following is not the duty of workers?
- Breed

Which of the following buildings cannot be demolished?
- Queen

Which of the following statements about the Global Relocate is true?
- All queues are idle

Is it true that ants can grow normally in temperatures ranging from 15 - 65 C?
- Incorrect

Which of the following creatures is the natural enemy of ants?
- Anteater

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