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New game accounts in Ant Legion will be created in the latest state to be generated in the game. But if you are setting up a second game or have a state in mind that you want to move to to be with friends or find better prospects you may need to move your colony there. But how do yo go about it it and what are the rules to follow.

A New Game

When you start a second game on your device you get the option to choose the state that you start in. However if your account is created for you in the most recently opened state then follow the steps below to move it to the desired state.

If your new game account is not in the right state then you have a window of opportunity to move it. This must be done with the first 7 days of playing and before you upgrade to Queen level 6. You can move to any existing state though. You will have 2 Rookie Relocate items in your Bag that allow you to do up to 2 times.

Before you can change state though you need to complete the initial tutorial phase of the game. In fact you must complete all of Chapter 3 - Miracle of Life. Once you start Chapter 4 you can access the World map.

In the world map tap on the Co-ordinates (with the magnifying glass) at the top of the screen. Then change the state number (S) to the one that you want to go to.

In the new state find some empty land and tap on it then choose the 'Relocate' option. This will use one of the Rookie Relocate items that you have available. You will have 2 of these but they will expire once you reach 7 days or HQ level 6. Your base will then be relocated to the state that you want.

Farm Accounts

If you want to create a second account in your main accounts state to use as a farm then you will need to use a different device to run this game. You cannot host more than one game in each state from the same installed app. If you have a second device or can run an emulator on a PC then you can follow the steps to make sure you have the account in the right state.

Global Relocate - Immigration

If you have an established game account with a higher level Queen then you will need to use the Immigration option. There are several restrictions for this though.

- You must have reached Queen level 15

- You must not be in an alliance.

- All marches at home.

- No cross state events in progress

As well as these you will not be able to move to any state as some newer states will be closed still or will have restrictions on the level of Queen that can move there.

Finally once you do move you are not allowed to move again for 30 days.

Cost of Immigration

There is also a cost for moving. You will need to have Global Relocate items available to make the move. The number that you need will depend on your Queen level.

How to get Global Relocate items

The items can be found in 2 ways, You can get them for free from an alliance shop. However most alliances will not intentionally stock them as it costs them alliance honor points to do so and the only purpose is to help you leave. The exception to this is if the alliance is preparing to move en masse. You can ask your alliance leaders though if they will help you out.

The other source is to buy them with money in the Shop.

How to immigrate

To make the move or to see how many Global Relocate items you need to move you can follow these steps:

Go to the world map view, then tap in the bottom left the icon of a small scroll map (with a blue circle). This will show you an overview of the entire state map.

Next tap the world globe icon bottom left and you will get a list of all of the existing states, grouped into blocks of 10. Find your chosen state through this list of by searching at the top.

If the state is listed as 'Open' then you can tap on it to get the Immigration details. This will confirm if you are eligible and show a button with the number of immigration flight items required to move.

You can use the 'Enter' Button to visit the state or if you have the immigration flight items ready you can tap the button to complete your move.

We hope this guide helps with your immigration questions. If you have any further question please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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