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The events menu in Ant Legion is an important source of options for gaining rewards in the game. You should check it each day to see what events are active and what activities you can do to participate in them. The 'Upcoming' tab section will also give you a heads up of what will happen soon.

There are several types of Events that you can find, some you can progress on your own while others will involve your alliance. Below if an introduction to the types of events.

As well as checking to see what you need to do, remember to also return and collect any rewards earned before the event expires. Some event rewards will be sent to you automatically when the event ends but others mucst be collected or are lost.

Ant Kingdom

This is a new player event that appears for the first 8 days after you start a game. There are a range of quests that appear over the first 5 days and you then have a total of 7 days to complete as many as you can. The eighth day is for collecting rewards only.

Nest Development


An event with points awarded for using building, research or training speedups. You can also get points from gaining Mark of Honor items.

Swarm Action


This is a 3 day event with a random selection of different 8 hour challenges appearing over the 3 days. Check in regularly to see what the current event is and try to gain rewards.

Collect Supplies


Simply gather as much as you can during the day for this event. This includes the 4 world map resources and also Rare Earth.

Food Tussle


A 1 day event where you can send troops to battle over special food items on the world map. You can send up to 5 times during the event and each time you can earn some EXP and rewards based on your troop strength. There are also rewards for those with the highest points rank. You do not lose any troops during the battles.

Territory War


This event is activated by your alliance leaders at any time during the day of the event. It will cause enemies to appear on the map near your alliance hive. Your alliance has 25 minutes to try to kill as many waves of enemies as possible to earn rewards for all who take part.

All marches to the enemies will take 30 seconds so your distance is not important.

Joy 777


In this event you can use a slot machine style spinner to earn random rewards based on luck. You will need special coins for these that you earn by completing daily quests or by purchasing. Coins can be saved between events.

Improve Swarm


Gain Swarm materials or Diligent will to earn points for rewards.

Ant Quiz


This event will give you a short quiz of 15 question to answer you have 30 seconds to answer each one. You can start the quiz at any time during the day that it is active. Each correct answer will earn a reward and you total score and time taken will rank you against others for more rewards.

Pollen Battle


The pollen battle is a PvP event that pits one alliance against another in a 60 minute battle to control assets on a special map. Your alliance must have at least 10 members at level 18 or above to join this event.

Diamond Exchange Shop

This event is just a temporary shop, with the opportunity to exchange diamonds for useful items.

Diamond Expert


For this event ear rewards by spending diamonds. If the Diamond Exchange Shop event is also active then you can spend them there, or you can spend then in any other normal way.

Strike First

Solo / Alliance

Attacking bugs and using your stamina will gain points for the alliance progression, earn individual rewards as well depending on your rank.

Bug Flipper

A mini puzzle game with useful rewards. This is a match 2 game where you turn card to reveal specialized ant pictures. Match them all to complete the game, the faster you do the better your rank will be.

Lucky Draw


To start this event you first need to pick a range of potential rewards from the list available, usually 9 or 12. You are limited to what you can pick from various tiers. Once you pick them your choices will be randomly shuffled and then you are able to pick one at random.

To make each pick and collect a random reward you will need to earn coins. Tap on the Obtain button to get these. You can get some for free each day by completing the daily quests. But to get more you will need to purchase diamonds from the Shop.

Improve Totem


Get points to earn rewards from gaining Totem items of various Tiers and Totem Upgrade materials.

Bug Invasion


While the event for Bug Invasion is open the alliance leaders can start it at any time. Once activated many waves of bugs will directly attack your nest. You cannot stop them with shields, however you will not lose many troops as most will be automatically healed.

The goal is to survive as many waves as possible so the stronger your troops and defenses the better. If you fail 2 attacks in a row your own attacks will end, you can choose to send troops to reinforce other in your alliance though to get extra points.

More event information coming soon.

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