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Global Ace Ant is a one week Event in Ant Legion which rewards you for different activities each day. The more of the specific that activities you can complete during the 24 hours of each game day the more points you earn and the more rewards you will gain.

The event runs every 2 weeks on week 1 of the listed event schedule.

The 24 hours for each daily event begins at the standard game reset. Some events continue over for 2 days.

The daily events

Day 1 (Monday): Resource Gatherer

Gather resources (including Mantis Meat) + Hatch Specialized Ants

The points given for each resource type are balanced so you can gather any resource you need. Although if you have any bonuses for gathering speed for a particular resource that then one will be easier. Use a gathering speed up to boost speed and if possible gather from the alliance source which will be faster.

The more march queues you have open to send out at one time the easier this will be.

If you have hatch eggs saved up now is a good time to use them.

Max Rewards at 600,000 points.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Path of Development

Building Upgrades and Research

Earn points from increasing your Building Might and from increasing your Research Might.

Complete any building upgrades and research during this day to get the rewards.

Max rewards at 1,800,000 points

Day 3 (Wednesday): Path of Hunting

Hunt Bugs / Use Stamina and AP

Attacking Bug Nests and Bugs in the world map will use up Stamina and AP. Complete the daily quests to get extra stamina and AP for free. If you can save up any AP or Stamina top up items from event rewards for this day you can use them to increase your points. You can also buy these items in the Shop.

Max rewards at 800,000 points

Day 4 (Thursday): Training Master

Gain points from Training Troops

Hint: A good stack of training speedups will let you earn lost of points. You will earn more points from higher tier troops so this will be easier the higher your level.

Max rewards at 1,200,000 points

Day 5 (Friday): Ultimate Might

Improve might through upgrading your Swarm / Gene / Cell / Totem to gain CP

Get points from gaining Upgrade materials and Diligent Will

Hint: Save up some Upgrade materials and/or material reward boxes to use on this day to complete this event.

Max rewards at 600,000 points

Day 6 / 7 (Saturday / Sunday): Ultimate Path

Build / Research / Train Troops

Increase your Building might

Increase your Research might

Train Soldiers

Hint: The weekend is a good time to finish off any large building upgrades or research items with speedups if necessary. Train the highest tier troops you can to get more points.

Max rewards at: 3,600,000 points

As with other events you will find many of these easier as you level up.


Each event offers levels (or Phases) of rewards to earn during the day. Remember to check and collect any rewards before the end of the game day. There are also Rank rewards that will be sent to your bag at reset depending on how well you compare with other players.

Your total rank over the week will also give good rewards including Longhorn Shards.

Check the other events for Ant Legion in the Events Guide

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