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Gather Mantis Meat from the Mantis Cave

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Gather Mantis Meat from the Mantis Cave

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The Mantis Cave is an opportunity to collect a special resource in Ant Legion, Mantis Meat. You can then use this to exchange exchange for rewards in the Mantis cave.

The cave unlocks when for use when you reach Queen level 16 and you will also need to have cleared the final nest areas to build it.

Mantis Meat

When you gather in the cave you will acquire Mantis Meat. The only use for this is to exchange in the Mantis Exchange Shop that is found buy selecting the Exchange option in the Cave. You can exchange it for Carpenter Ant Shards, Snail items and Cell, items and materials, as well as a few other resource items.

Gathering is easy to set up and while you need to assign specalised ants and troops to it, it does not stop you from doing any other activities as you will still have access to your forces outside of the cave. To benefit from this make sure you have troops gathering in the cave as often as possible.

Sending to gather in the Cave

When you access the cave you will need to fight a Level guardian creature to gain access to it. There are many levels available to enter and gather from and the higher your strength the tougher the guardian you can defeat and the better the level you can enter. As you get to higher levels the gathering rate increases which lets you get more resources, faster.

Gathering is a case of selecting your best hero and troops line up and sending them in. Thankfully, sending your team to the Cave does not stop you from still using the same heroes and troops in the rest of the game. So you can gain from the Cave and still attack Bugs, or gather in the world for example.

If you have reached VIP level 7 then you will be able to tap the Search icon on the right to automatically find a spot to gather from. If not then you will need to search through the available sections to find an empty slot. It can be easier if you tap the field section number at the bottom and put in a high number to find your way to the last field then tap the back arrow to search backwards.

Once placed they will remain there to gather until the time runs out, or until you are attacked.

Gather Mantis Meat from the Mantis Cave

Raiding the Cave

The alternative to Gathering in the cave is to raid other gatherers. This is a quick way to gain Mantis Meat if you are able to find targets that you can defeat. When you raid you will steal part of what they have gathered and send them home. But only if you win the fight. If you are unable to find a free spot to gather from raiding will let you take over the spot if you defeat the player who is there.

You are limited to 5 raids a day so pick any fights carefully. Remember that you can also be raided when you are gathering so sending your strongest heroes and troops is advised.

If you are raided then your troops will return home. You will retain a part of the meat that you gathered. You will also get mail messages in your battlelog to let you know who attacked you and you will have the option to make a 'Revenge' attack on them which if successful will get your lost meat back.

Reset the Field

If you find that you want to try your luck at moving up a level to get to better fields in the Cave, or if you want to lower the level you are gathering at then you can do this at any time.
While in the Cave gathering screen Tap the Back arrow in the top left to Exit. When the Exit option appears you will also see the 'Reset Cave' button. Tap this and you will reset the cave level status to the start. You can then Attack and defeat the Cave level guardians again up to the field level you want to enter.

Mantis Cave hints and Tips

If you are going to gather then it is tempting to go for the highest level you can to boost the gather speed. But the higher the level the more competition there tends to be for the spots and the more you are likely to be raided. It can be more beneficial, especially if you are going to be offline for some time, to send to a lower level field to gather where you are likely to be safer.

The Level 1 Cave is a safe area, you cannot be raided here or attack others. The amount you can gather on each visit is low but but you cannot lose it.

If you have any more tips for the Mantis Cave please let us know below. And if you have any question please head to the Answers Page.

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