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Break Through

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Break Through is a weekly event in Ant Legion that runs over 3 days. It will appear on Day 4 (Thursday) at reset.

The event is made up of a series of 8 hour mini events, 3 each day. Each mini event wil be similar to others that happen in the game and will reward you for completing various objectives.
These will includes:
Training troops (including speedups)
Hatching specialized ants.
Building & Research
Swarm, Gene, Cell might increase
And others.

Hints and tips for Break Through

You will need to keep an eye on the event list to see what is active for you. The events appear randomly so there is no schedule to follow.

If you are able to work on the active event then it is worth trying to complete the top level (Phase 5) as you can earn shards for the rare Doorkeeper specialized ant.

Remember to keep any eye on the expiry time for each mini event as you must complete the levels and claim the rewards before the end of each.

It is possible that you will unlock some phase rewards simply by doing normal activities so check the event list and claim any rewards you are due.

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