Ant Legion: For the Swarm

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Ant Legion: For the Swarm Guide

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Ant Legion: For the Swarm is a new strategy game mixing the base building and combat mechanics of survival games and the miniature but deadly world of ant and other small creatures.

Ant Legion For the Swarm Guide
Ant Legion For the Swarm Guide

The game involves all of the usual building, research and training aspects of similar games such as Puzzles & Survival with a numbers based puzzle campaign mode included. You can also learn a great deal about the fascinating world of ants as you recruit specific types of ants to your growing hive and battle towards world domination (or at least your corner of the forest).

We have a collection of guides to help you get to know the game. including a Specialized Ant list, Events Guide and more.

Please check though these pages to get information, help and advice and if you need more help please head over to the Answers Page where you can ask your own questions.


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