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Review by GuestApr 29th 2022
Love it but it starting to lag and sensor to many words and there are to many buy only or buying events for people who can't buy thing it makes the game unfair and unfun and to wherer no one can grow and only the buyers win cas they buy there way to the top it not fair and there are to many made up rules by the players it should be all fair in love and war since it is a war game
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Review by GuestApr 12th 2022
Good game, still needs a few adjustments to balance tier power vs gear, tech and so on.
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Review by GuestApr 10th 2022
Gutes Spiel macht süchtig.
Aber die Lesbarkeit ist auf Smartphones wg. Der Nicht-Zoombarkeit und sehr schlechter Farbkontraste (gelbe Schrift auf weissem Untergrund - oder umgekehrt) ist sehr schlecht. Ausserdem gibt es kaum Tipps und Hinweise zu dem Dich sehr komplizierten System seine Ameisen verschieden zu verbessern.
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Review by JuandrahMar 19th 2022
It is a good game but VERY involved. I find it very difficult to wrap my head around so many variables.

For me, a lot of it is not very intuitive. For instance, I have over 1 million CP but in the arena and events I'm only allowed to use 685,000 of it, and then I may lose by attacking someone with a lower CP.

So, how do I judge whether an opponent is a viable candidate for attack? How do I evaluate which of my ants are stronger or weaker to use in an attack. I can't find any readily accessible basic information guides on this.

Too many constant requests from the same people for joining an alliance. I am more interested in the development part, not the warfare part. The warfare part means I have to actively participate according to other people's timelines and I do not have time in my life schedule to do that. Comments like, "You are positioned in a dangerous place, you should join our alliance and be safe", could be perceived as helpful OR as a bullying threat. If/when I am ready, I will read mission statements and observe alliance and personal behaviors. An occasional recruiting text is okay but not several times a day everyday. If it continues, I may request my account closed, my nest removed, and I will find another game to play.
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Review by GuestMar 13th 2022
So far love the game. Many events to help people grow. I just hope it doesn't end up like most other games and get ridiculous and require players to spend ungodly amounts of cash to keep up.
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Review by GuestMar 12th 2022
My honest opinion, it’s terrific game. I am long time war strategy game player and this game tops all.
I love the ants theme, love the events, awesome rewards, plenty activities to keep busy, fun to play.
Would like see more advertisements on like media so to let the world know the greatest game on mobile device is here!! I believe many experienced players will love this game as well as players new to war strategy. 5 of 5 stars
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Review by GuestFeb 25th 2022
I like it. This game is pretty fun.
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Review by GuestFeb 14th 2022
I think it is an awesome game.. Couple of little bugs to work out but it's truly phenomenal for a Beta! Great job Devs!.
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Review by GuestFeb 13th 2022
Pretty fun. Hardly enough info on strategy. Lots of bullies. Resources become scarse above level 15 and each new level can take too long to gather enough resources.
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Review by GuestJan 31st 2022
C'est un jeu très complet et parfois compliqué à comprendre au départ, une bonne alliance et de bons membres actifs sont un atout.

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Review by GuestJan 27th 2022
Diving into the action and "flying by the seat of your pants" is not my usual cup of tea. But this game is addicting. I have a hard time putting it down..... When I do stop, I find myself thinking of what to do in the next session.... Stimulating!.
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Review by GuestJan 19th 2022
I love it great game fun helps you build brain power
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Review by GuestDec 4th 2021
Très bon jeu rien à redire pas obliger de dépenser pour évoluer en étant un sois peu actif !! cool
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Review by GuestNov 3rd 2021
Love this game, get a good alliance and it's something you can log into every day. In app purchases are of course available but not needed to have fun and play.
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