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Tears of Themis Beginner's Guide (part 2)

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Tears of Themis Beginner's Guide (part 2)

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Knowing which activities there are when playing Tears of Themis will help you out in developing your daily routine. If you haven’t checked part 1 yet of our guide for beginners, then please do so. In this page, we’ll be continuing from where we left off.

Welcome to our guide for beginners, this is Part 2 and we’ll provide you with the rest of the activities that you can do in the game. Soon enough, you’ll be able to go around the game’s interface without a hitch, let’s check what else you can do in Tears of Themis.

Get your daily rewards

Tears of Themis provides its players with daily items that you can acquire as you progress through different days. Pretty much like other types of games available, you’ll be able to get free items by simply playing each day. You should be able to get your first set of rewards after you have completed the tutorial.

Aside from getting the promotional items from your mailbox, there are other methods of getting items for free. You can check the following sections from the game’s main menu, you might notice that some of these pops up as you start the game as well.

Events: When starting the game, you should be able to see your sign in rewards once you have logged in for the first time for the day. You can also access this page by pressing the Events button on the main screen. Here, you should be able to get your sign-in rewards, and they provide you with items that can be obtained for each day of the month.

Check the events button from the main screen to get rewards
Check the events button from the main screen to get rewards

Based on how long you have played the game as well, there’s an official release campaign where you can get items for a limited period. Eventually, new events will appear here as well, so always check the rewards section in order to get your freebies.

Quests: Another good way for you to gain free items are by doing quests. Basically, they are items that are given out depending on which activities you do in the game. There some quests that can be refreshed, but there also ones that you can claim for a single time. Press the Quests button from the main screen and you should be able to get items based on your daily activities, stories, and events.

Check your daily quests for rewards
Check your daily quests for rewards

Complete Rookie Tasks

Players who just started out in Tears of Themis can complete a one-time reward system called Rookie Tasks. You can find this button on the upper right side of the game screen, and here you’ll be provided with more items.

The Rookie Sign-In lets you claim items daily for 8 days total, this is a good way for you to get started since it will provide you with items for making your cars stronger, you will even be able to get 2 Tears of Themis on your 7th day.

Collect one time rewards through sign-in and tasks
Collect one time rewards through sign-in and tasks

The Rookie Tasks are a series of quests that you’ll be able to unlock within a 7-day period. Each day will help you with the tasks you can complete within a given day, but you can also do these later on if you want. You’ll be able to get a handy button to proceed to the task that you need to do, so it’s a good checklist to have.

The items you will gain will help with your progress, and you should be able to get more rewards as you get more points for completing the tasks. You will be able to complete the Rookie tasks once all 70 tasks have been accomplished.

Improve your Cards

Progression in the game will be dependent on the current cards that you have. Completing the game’s story will mean that you might have challenges ahead of you where your debates can become harder to complete. Because of this, you will want to improve your cards in the long run.

There are a variety of ways on how you can have better cards. Aside from their base rarity, you will be able to check each individual card that you have and provide it with different upgrades. Press the Cards button from the game’s main screen, and check a specific card. You should be able to find the following options that you can provide for your cards:

Check the bottom side to see the upgrades
Check the bottom side to see the upgrades

  • Enhance: Your card’s enhancement level basically determines how strong it is. Each card has a level cap based on its evolution, and each level up will help you increase your stats such as influence and defense. You will want to maximize the enhance level your card eventually as you reach later stages in the game.

    Enhancing will cost you materials called Oracles of Justice. These can have varying versions from I to IV where Oracles of Justice IV have the highest exp. Aside from using these, you will be spending Stellin which is the basic currency of the game.

  • Evolve: Once you have reached the maximum enhancement level, you will want to evolve your character. This will provide them with better stats, as well as a new level cap. Aside from the level requirement, you will be needing empathy chips as well as more Stellin.

    The items that you’ll be getting for evolution will not come by easily. Because of this, you might want to reserve your evolutions for cards that you’ll be using often. Cards that range from SR and SSR are good picks for evolution.

  • Skill: Skills are special to each card, and you can level them up in order to get bonuses. Some skills can provide increased defense or influence for a number of turns, and they can only be farmed from anomaly stages.

    Similar to evolution, the skills that you can level up have items that are not easy to come by, so only use them on characters that are going to be mainstays for your deck.

    With all of these in mind, you should also try to use your AP whenever possible. AP recovers over time, so you wouldn’t want this to fill up and be idle. Aside from recovering AP through time, you can use energy drinks which can be obtained as rewards. Try avoiding to use S-Chips to pay for Stamina, since these are valuable resources.

    We hope that this has helped you with the basics of Tears of Themis. You should be able to progress through the game and gain improvements with your cards in no time and take on different challenges. We will be having more guides available as well, so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, you can also head out to our Answers Page. Let us know what you think in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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