What are the Weapons for in Oddmar?
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What are the Weapons for in Oddmar?

You may now know that you can purchase Weapons from the coins you collect in the game. But then the next question comes in mind; why do you even want to buy new weapons for oddmar? What do they do?

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Weapons in the game usually give oddmar a set of move - might it be a special attack, or a temporary de-buff to enemies. What these new moves are really important for, are their effectiveness against specific enemies, or how they help you defeat an obstacle.

For instance, the whirlwind move you’ll get by purchasing the Shield that grants it, will generally be effective against projectiles aimed at you. At the same time, it will also be helpful when a barrage of monsters try to attack you all at once -- as it tends to push them back a bit and incapacitating them for a short while.

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As you progress in the game, new types of enemies will be introduced - which would take a better moves to efficiently deal with them. To earn them, you’ll have to collect coins that will ultimately enable you to purchase the concluding Weapons/Shield that will grant you these new moves.

An additional example to this is the spear that enables you to throw it as a projectile -- which ultimately enables you to activate platform triggers from afar, apart from using it as a long ranged weapon to attack tricky enemies.

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