Level Objectives

Level Objectives
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Oddmar is an un-adulterated platformer game that is heavy on skill-based controlling of your character --mainly to perform the death-defying jumps and stunts that will get him in and around the obstacles of any given stage. Though there are several instaces where you'll have to tweak in-game components to make something passable or usable, it does not incorporate any heavy puzzle-oriented components.

Level Objectives(the image above shows a cart that you can move around a limited area. Positioning it to a certain location within the rail can give you a jump boosts to get you to places otherwise inaccessible in the game)

The main objective of each and every level in the game is to get to the finish line and scribing through the runestone (similar to how you'd check the flag on Mario). Other than getting to the finish line, the following mainly affects your overall score for each level.

Total points for each level is determined by:

1. Total duration on the entire level (faster = better).
2. Total number of collected coins (if you collected all of them in any given level, you'll get an "achievement").
3. Locating all 3 Secret Coins in every level.
4. If you managed to visit and defeat a dream-stage within a level.

Other than that, perfect timing is everything if you want to perform and beat records in the game. You'll always have 2 hearts at the beginning of every stage -- which means you have two chances of getting hit by enemies while playing. If by any chance you got hit once, you have the option to fill-up your heart/hitpoint from loots that enemies randomly drop. There is also a shield item that somewhat extends your chances of getting hit by 1, and can be used even if you are missing a heart/hitpoint.

Level Objectives(The image above shows the shield item that you can get while playing, which in return give you an extension hitpoint apart from your default 2 hitpoints/hearts)

Additionally, the coins (you collect) also have a special use in the game aside from getting them to increase your overall score in every level. In the game, you'll oftentimes encounter an NPC that sells you shield and weapon, where you can actually use the coins you've collected by far to make a purchase. Doing so will basically give you a new move that should help with the concluding obstacles in the game, or as a more efficient way of dealing with particular monsters.

Finally, the game also incorporates a list of achievements to unlock -- which includes special objectives like finishing a level without dying, completing a dream-stage in a level, collecting all coins in a level, and similarly difficult feats to accomplish while playing the game.
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