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It isn't surprising to be a bit more on the edge when playing with any mobile based game (aside from RTS game where you do not need active input controls). For one thing, you do not have the actual feel for tangible buttons on your screens. Nonetheless, Oddmar tries its best to optimize the experience by designing easy thumb gestures to make inputs and actual in-game performance seamless and smooth.

To move Oddmar, you simply have to swipe to the left or right on the left side of your screen. On the other part of the screen (the right side) you'll be able to input your jump and attack commands. To jump, simply swipe your thumb upwards, and to attack, simply do a tap. During instances where you are tasked to stomp on something in the game, you may simply swipe downwards (still on the right part of the screen).

The on-screen controllers are very well optimized that you can easily immerse yourself in the game by playing through the first few levels. However, when you get in to the tricky boss levels or bonus dream stages, you'll pretty much feel the hiccups of the on-screen controls. The good thing about the game, is that it supports MFi controllers. So for those platformer fans which are proficient with actual controllers, it's good news for your guys as the game's got you covered!
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