Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
Oddmar Guide


1. Always run towards a savepoint as soon as you've seen one nearby. There is no limit towards how many times you can die in the game. For as long as you have checked in a savepoint in the level, there is nothing to be frustrated about losing anything.

Hints and Tips

2. Awkwardly positioned components like the purple mushrooms or launchpads usually indicate a hidden area with numerous coins, and special coins. When something does not make sense (to why it is placed there), it usually leads to a secret location that isn't easily seen when coursing through the stage casually. Be mindful of these cues. Additionally, large obscured patches of land within the layout - usually are also used as secret chambers or caverns that is filled with coins.

Hints and Tips

3. Utilize special skills from the weapons you purchase. Special moves can most of the time very handy in dealing with specific instances. Like the whirlwind skill to deflect incoming projectiles for example. Dodging projectiles from all directions can become quite tricky, and this skill does make things a whole lot easier.

Hints and Tips

4. Different game objectives can be achieved collectively. What this means is that you do not have to collect everything in one run. You can prioritize on one objective and then try beating the other objectives on another run. This way, you are not too pressured about anything while playing -- which gives you a lot of focus in return.

Hints and Tips

5. Always try to get a shield. A shield can grant you another free hitpoint that will take damage before you lose any of your hearts. Take note though that it wouldn't protect you from falling onto a pit.

Hints and Tips

6. Kill monsters. Monsters, even the one that give you jump boosts usually have coins in them which are necessary to collect if you are trying to beat the level's minimum required number to set a record. Additionally, they randomly drop red potions that are used to replenish your lost hitpoints. Too bad you could not put them in an inventory for later use.

Hints and Tips

7. The game has support MFi Controllers. If you are particularly interested in playing at your best performance, know that the game supports MFi controllers which could probably give you an edge in playing this tricky platforming game.

8. Familiarize yourself with each type of enemy. Given that the game has only 4 chapters, there aren't much variety in enemies to find in the game. What this means is that it would we relatively easy to memorize each of the enemies attack patterns in order to minimize unnecessary deaths from getting hit by them.

9. Check for the special arrow indicators within the platforms. Usually, they guide you towards a dreamworld, or a hidden cavern. Both of which usually hold a lot of coins for you to loot.

Hints and Tips

10. The game has 24 levels, separated by 4 chapters. There are usually 5 normal levels, and the 6th (last stage) is always a boss stage. Refer to Boss Stage page for relatively good tips and basic guide to beat them.

11. You can delay your fall by clinging onto a wall. This works well with sprouting mushrooms too to get you jumping towards awkwardly placed caverns in the game too. When you get the chance, practice doing this as it helps a lot in the game to actually maximize and fully utilize the combinations of Oddmar's moves.

Hints and Tips
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