How Do You Buy Weapons in Oddmar?
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How Do You Buy Weapons in Oddmar?

Weapons are found within a special NPC in the game that looks like a small thrift shop peddled by a hooded creature. In a non-standard fare, you’ll encounter this NPC while coursing through the Levels themselves. Although it is not present in all levels, you’ll have no problems looking for it as it available in most of stages and to boot, usually found in areas near the starting point of a stage. As you progress in the levels of the game, you’ll have a new weapons/shields to purchase from it as well.

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To actually buys from the store, you have to simply hit the bell with your normal attack and you'll open up a menu that will enable you to pick the weapon/Shield you wish to purchase (as long as you have enough coins to actually push through with the purchase).

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Basically, these Weapons and Shield enable you to perform special moves that are used for particular obstacles, or as an efficient way to deal with a particular type of enemy, monster, or situation in the game. For instance, there is a spear weapon that you'd probably be able to purchase in the last chapter of the game (Helheim), which you can actually use as a ranged weapon as you throw the spear.

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What this does aside from giving you the capacity to attack from a distance, is enabling you to activate some time-sensitive event triggers that are usually not plausible when using simple melee attacks to trigger. Take note that the special attacks you earn from purchasing new Weapons would also be effective on specific instances. For example, the whirlwind attack can repel any projectiles aimed at you and re-direct it elsewhere. If you are engaged in a situation where multiple projectiles are coming towards you, this is a great way to escape unscathed instead of jumping and dodging them.

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