What are the Special Big Coins for?

What are the Special Big Coins for?
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Special Coins are the humongously sized coins that are usually hidden in plain sight, and are most of the times, hidden in the most unassuming places or areas in the game. Although they are not particularly used for anything special in the game, they impart some replay factor nonetheless.

What are the Special Big Coins for?
In the game, they are usually 3 objectives to beat. First is to collect the minimum required coins, second is to collect all 3 special coins and complete the a dreamworld if there is one, and third is to beat the shortest time duration. You do not have to collect all of them in one go. Instead, you can actually prioritize one objective per run. Once you’ve set a record, it’ll forever stay there for as long as you have not beaten it.

As an indicator too that you’ve missed a special coin in any given level, you’ll see that a space for a coin will be vacant when it appears (upon earning a special coin). Usually, you should earn them in sequence starting from left to right. If by any chance you’ve skipped the first or second slot, it means you’ve missed a coin in that particular level.

What are the Special Big Coins for?
It would have made better sense if these big coins imparted something to the game other than set a record to beat or as additional objective in for replay purposes. For instance, they could have used it in a way that when collecting a certain number of these coins, Oddmar would have special clothing, or some special effects in him at least. This would've give "trying to earn them" a better reason for the gamer to actually find and collect them.
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