What are Coins for in Oddmar?

What are Coins for in Oddmar?
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Coins in the game basically have two important roles in the game.

What are Coins for in Oddmar?
First is they are one of the many variables that affect/increase your total score in every level in the game. The higher number of coins you get, the higher it contributes to your total level score. Additionally, there is an achievement to be unlocked for collecting all coins in a pertaining level.

What are Coins for in Oddmar?
The second use of coins is to enable you to purchase new weapons and shield for Oddmar. You might want to do this so that you can earn new sets of moves that will be useful of specific instances in the game. Usually, each move is significantly effective in dealing with particular obstacle/s in the game, including when used to kill specific monsters.

What are Coins for in Oddmar?
To make use of the coins though, you'll have to visit an NPC when playing through the levels themselves. Although the store/NPC isn't present in all of the stages, you'll nonetheless encounter it often.
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