Is Oddmar Worth the Purchase Price?

Is Oddmar Worth the Purchase Price?
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Is Oddmar Worth the Purchase Price?

The game can is currently available on iOS devices and has a pricetag of $4.99. Given that the game has solid production value (complete with voice-overs, narrations, and animation) it truly is a wroth every penny. You might feel that the 4 chapters seem to be a just too few fro the price, but given the quality of the game you get, it is relatively a good buy nonetheless.

Is Oddmar Worth the Purchase Price?

Although for freemium game players might not be convinced that is worth the price, a hefty bunch of platform gamers might still be interested with what the game has to offer. In total, the game includes 24 levels, along with bonus stages within the levels themselves. Replay factor of the game comes with trying to beat the records in every given level. Other than that, it is relatively plausible to complete the entire game for 5 to 6 hours of play.

For other considerations, you might want to be informed that the game has MFi controller support, has a great accompanying background music and sound effects, and has a great accompanying story that is delivered throughout the game via narrated animation (usually every other level).

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