How Do You Beat the Dreamworlds?

How Do You Beat the Dreamworlds?
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Dream worlds are special challenges in the game that usually require precise timing of jumps and avoiding missteps or mistakes as much as possible.

How Do You Beat the Dreamworlds?
That said, it usually needs memorizing the layout of the given challenge and figuring out which parts of the stage you need to jump, slide or do any specific task and remembering their sequence. These special challenges are not very forgiving, as missing your timing even with just a single mistake would usually make you fail the entire challenge.

To beat the dreamworld and get back with all the coins you've managed to earn inside it, you'll usually have to get through the puzzle or challenge laid out for you. The goal is to get as much coins in the given platform challenge, and getting to the finish line - which is usually when you successfully reach the goddess.

How Do You Beat the Dreamworlds?
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Before starting a given stage, it usually gives you a hint if it has a dreamworld stage. Check the stage objectives/requirements while you are in the level-selection interface. If the dreamworld stage slot is present in the Runestone, it means that is has a dreamworld stage. Although they are usually not as hidden in plain sight as special coins, there are instances that you might nonetheless miss them.

As reference while playing within the stage themselves, check for the purple arrow indicator as they usually direct you towards the actual location a dreamworld.
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