Basic Game Mechanics and Components

Basic Game Mechanics and Components
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Before you even start playing a level, you’ll see some basic requirements to fill in and accomplish in order to set a score in the game. There are usually three different objectives in every level except for the boss stages.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components
1st objective is to collect a minimum number of coins. Regardless of getting the minimum number or not, once you get to the runestone at the end of the level, you’ll get past the stage and the game will reveal the concluding level. It mainly sets the record for that particular stage.

2nd objective is to collect the 3 hidden special coins - which are usually a tad bit harder to find as they are usually hidden from plain sight. They actually do nothing in the game aside from giving it a slight replayability factor. The same is true with the Dreamworlds found in the game, the only difference is that dreamworlds give you a handful of coins.

3rd objective is to beat the shortest duration - set for that particular stage, or the last shortest run recorded in it.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components
Apart from these basic objectives and getting to the runestone at the end of every stage in the game, you might want to familiarize yourself with these basic points of interests, active components, and items in the game in order to get you better in your platform runs.

-clinging to delay fall
-popping out mushrooms to extend jump or climb in narrow spaces

Launcher pad:
-dive to give significant jump boost
-weird angle or location usually indicates a secret room or area

Weight activated spots:
-usually used as trigger to open something up

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above shows an example of launcher pads at the both ends of the platform, and a weight activated trigger at the center to activate the catapult)

Hit walls:
-blockade that needs to be attacked before you can pass through
-usually light in color

Falling tiles:
-temporary steps that fall after a short duration upon stepping on them.

NPC store:
-usually found near the starting points of the levels.
-hit the bell (attack) to go to the store.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above show the usual NPC you'll see which sends you to weapon/shield store)

Dreamworld Stage NPC:
-available when you see it’s icon on the rune before starting a level.
-go in front of the NPC and wait until it gasses you to sleep (and sends you to the dream stage).

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above show the usual NPC you'll see which sends you to the dreamworld bonus stage)

-depending on stage, type, and orientation, you can rappel, swing from it, and even climb up and down from them.

Physics / Active Platforms:
-usually involves physics when in these types of platforms (e.g. cycle platforms that puts weight depending on which part of the platform Oddmar is standing).

Purple Mushrooms:
-boosts you in the direction the mushroom is facing. They are sometimes found in groups which normally indicates a collection of coins or special coin nearby.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above shows a cart that Oddmar can push or pull within the range of the tracks. Additionally, there is a purple mushroom on top of it where he could step on to propel him up.)

-hit them to activate them and make a platform to step on.
-oftentimes includes its own set of monsters when activated.

Trap Doors:
-usually shut to keep you from entering a secluded area in the game. You’ll need to find the trigger that is usually within the nearby area.

Special Coins:
-usually 3 pieces are hidden in every stage of the game except the boss stages.
-are manly there as extra bit of challenge and add some sort of replay factor to the stages of the game.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above shows an example of the Special Coins to collect in the levels of the game)

-scattered across each and every stage in the game. Collect them to increase your total run score in every stage.
-additionally, they are used to purchase weapons and shields in the game.

-save points that records the number of coins you currently have with respect to your current progress in the given stage.
-whenever you die in the game, you’ll spawn from the last checkpoint you have activated/engaged.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(image above shows the check / save points within the levels)

-each stage and chapters has usually different kinds of monsters. Depending on their type, they have different move or attack patterns.
-your different skills (depending on your weapon or shield) have also different effects on monsters.
-causes 1 point of damage when it attacks you or you fall right next to it.

-causes immediate death when you fall into it.

-causes 1 point of damage when oddmar touches or falls in it.

Heal Items:
-red potion heals 1 hitpoint
-shield renders an extra hitpoint on top of your currently available hearts/hitpoints.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components(the image above shows an example of the shield item when used by Oddmar)

Animal Friends:
-3 stages in this game enables you to course through them riding beasts. First the Giant Boar, and then a critter, and then the giant boar again. They have special abilities and are maneuvered differently.

-indicates end of a level.

Basic Game Mechanics and Components
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