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Everyone needs dice and our Monopoly Go cheats, tips and strategy will help you get a ton of free dice throws and make the most of the ones you've got!

Image via Scopely. Monopoly Go Cheats and Tips
Image via Scopely. Monopoly Go Cheats and Tips

Monopoly GO! Is a hyper-casual game where you throw dice, move around the board, collect rewards and attack other players. We take a look at Monopoly Go! cheats and tips to help you get some free spins as well as look at the mechanics of the game and all of the things that you can do.

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Monopoly GO! Cheats

As long as you have dice throws, you can play Monopoly GO! While your throw energy does return over time, there are a few great ways to get more.

There are no cheat codes for Monopoly GO! But there are some great strategies that you can use to get the most out of your spins and to try to win more.

  • Build

    Building is a great way to get more throws, as you build, you'll complete more levels and then you'll get level rewards which can include money and dice throws.

    Building will also increase your level, this also give rewards which could be dice throws.

    Complete sets for bonuses. If you complete sets while certain events are running, then you'll get bonus rewards too.

  • Add Friends

    There are often bonuses given for adding friends in the game. Like other similar games there are some decent bonuses to be had for playing this game socially with your friends.

    Then you'll get extra bonuses related to friend activity, it's a win-win!

  • Collect Stickers

    Collecting stickers and completing collections are a great way to get more dice throws, it can take a lot of time to collect stickers though and to complete collections.

    Rewards from collecting stickers are great, especially when you complete collections, there are some groups on Facebook that swap stickers, but we can't vouch for the safety of these, because while we hear lots of success stories of people swapping stickers, we also hear of a lot of scams too - be careful!

    Check out our article on How to Get Stickers .

  • Get More Tokens

    There are also rewards associated with unlocking new Tokens. Complete sets of tokens for rewards which include more free rolls and in-game cash.

    Get Tokens
    Get Tokens

    You get unlock tokens as you reach certain level milestones. So it all ties back again to the importance of earning in-game money and continuing the level up to unlock more rewards.

  • Play the Events and Tournaments

    There are all sorts of events that run on the game, look out for these and check out the rewards, often there will be some extra free dice throws.

    One great tip is to time your usage of dice for when there are events that you have a great chance of ranking high and scoring a load of free dice. Look out for the run times of events and see whether it is worth going for it or not.

    For more in-depth tips and helps on events, check out our article on How to Play and Win Tournaments in Monopoly GO!.
    All about the different types of events in Monopoly GO and how to play them: Monopoly GO! All events explained

  • Use the Multiplier

    The multiplier is a great time saver. Use the highest level to use your throws quickly but get bigger rewards in return. Multipliers just keep going, if you can get over 2,000 dice in your stack, then you can use up to a 50x multiplier.

    You do use up a lot of dice quickly with a high multiplier, but the bonuses are in proportion too, so you'll hit massive rewards if you throw well.

    One other thing to note about the multiplier is that when you are in different locations on the board you may want to change your multiplier setting. For example if you are in a good position with lots of possible dice throws to land on a tile that you need to get to you may want to increase your multiplier to it's limit.

    On the other hand if there are few tiles you could land on that help in an event on the next throw, then you may want to dial down your multiplier for the next throw.

    Using your multiplier in this way really can make a big difference to how you score in events.

  • Work out your probabilities

    It may be a tad, extreme but if you have thousands of dice and the high roller activated, when exactly to use your max multiplier is good to know, which is where this table of probabilities comes in handy.

    With this table, and if you know which squares you are happy to land on you can then add up the probabilities based on what throw you need to land on a particular square.

    If the total probability is high enough for you, then you may want to increase your multiplier for the next throw.

    Here is a table of probabilities which list the percentage chance of rolling numbers 2-12. Based on that if you have good options on a number of high probability squares you may want to set a higher than usual multiplier for the next roll.

    Dice Throw Probability
  • Look out for High Roller

    Look out for the high roller option which allows you to put your multiplier up to 200x. If you get this and are in a position in the board where you have a high probability (50% or greater) of landing on a event based reward tile or shield, then you may want to consider using the high roller if you have it available.

    It's always taking a chance, because it is just a dice roll that can work out or not, but if you land on the tile you need with a 200x multiplier that could literally shoot you to the top of an event.

Monopoly GO! Glitches

The big glitch that everyone has been talking about recently is the airplane mode glitch. Basically the idea is that you start the game, turn on airplane mode and roll.

Then if you don't like the outcome, you simply turn off the game, restart it, then while it's loading at about 15% turn airplane mode off again, and you should be where you were before you turned on airplane mode.

If you like the outcome of the roll, then simply turn airplane mode off again and carry on with your game.

Watch out though, we know that some people have been banned from the game for doing this. And by the time you read this, it may well have been patched.

We've got a page on this glitch here: Airplane Mode Glitch - Everything You Need to Know.

Monopoly GO! Hacks

We've noticed that unfortunately there are a few websites offering Monopoly GO! hacks for the game. By installing certain pieces of software or disclosing some details about your identity these sites claim to give you free dice.

This is the type of cheating that we don't promote on AppGamer, we don't trust sites that want your information, or link to unofficial APKs for a number of reasons.

Hack cheats in Monopoly GO! also undermines the work of the game developers and you'll risk getting your account banned.

Monopoloy GO! codes

Currently there are no tap in Monoploy GO! codes, or redeem codes, so there is no way at the moment to get free dice throws with codes. Correct at time of writing, October 2023.

Bank Heist and Mega Heist

Form time to time you get the heist option. This is a great way to get a quick boost in in-game cash. You'll get the reward that corresponds to the three items that you match on the play board.

The Mega Heist is like a higher value version of the bank heist option, and it run when you see the timer on the right of the game signifying a chance of a mega heist.

The screenshot above shows the first time I got over a billion in rewards for completing a mega heist!

Getting Free Dice with Links

There are sometimes links with free dice that get released, and also you can use the Facebook friends system in the game to get free dice, we have an in-depth article explaining all about it and where to look for these links here... How to get free dice with links

Monopoly GO! Free Rolls and Dice

The best way the get free rolls and more throws of the dice is to be active in the game. This will get you more money which you can spend on buildings.

More buildings will increase your level and you'll get some free rolls usually for advancing a level.

Also when you complete an area you also get rewards which could include free rolls in Monopoly Go.

Playing events, and working out which ones you want to commit your dice inventory to is important too.

We take a more in-depth look at free roles in our article here, how to get free rolls.

Building and Completing Levels

The idea of the game is to complete levels by completing all of the buildings on a particular level. Complete a level then you'll move onto the next one and pick up some end of level rewards.

Building to complete levels in Monopoly Go!
Building to complete levels in Monopoly Go!

While building, you also stand a chance of increasing your player level, if you do that, you'll also get some rewards.

Building and leveling up is a great way to get more dice throws, so don't stack your in-game cash, spend it on some buildings.

There are some strategies when it comes to building in Monopoly GO! Some players prefer to work out the cost of completing a level before they start to build, find out why in our guide on How to keep all of your shields in Monopoly GO!

Go to Jail

Just like the Monopoly board game, you can also go to jail in this version of the game too. To get out, you'll need to roll a double withing three throws or pay the fine to get out if you don't throw any doubles.

If you escape with a double you'll get some free dice too based on your multiplier level and the number you threw with the dice.

Get Stickers and Complete Albums

It does take a while, but if you can get stickers and complete albums you'll get some great in-game rewards. Be on the lookout for any opportunities to get some stickers in Monopoly GO!

You'll no doubt stack up a ton of duplicates, you can either swap these with other players (be careful of getting scammed) or swap them in the game system for a vault of cards.

The best vault to get is the 1,400 purple one, but you'll need 1,400 duplicates to get it!

Daily Treats

There is an incentive to log in to the game to collect your daily rewards.

Make it through 7 days in a row to get the best rewards and to reset the daily treats timer.

Get 30 daily treats to win a big reward, check the counter above the rewards to see your progress.


Monopoly GO! Is a pretty simple game to play, roll the dice, collect the rewards, build your cities, come back when your dice energy has refreshed.

However, saying that, if you want to ask a question about the game, head over to our answers page where other players may be able to help you out.

If you are looking for some, more ways to get free dice, then check out our article on Monopoly GO! Free Rolls.

To learn about events in the game and find out some more great ways to get free rolls and more in-game cash, check out our All Events Explained guide.

Need more Monopoly GO! friends? Check out our page with all of the instructions on how to add more friends in the game and to share your friends URL: How to add friends in Monopoly GO!

Game not loading? Check out our troubleshooting guide to Monopoly GO! here.

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Monopoly Go FAQs

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I want to know the total amount of money required for every map?

I am on Level 44 and been tracking since Level 23. 23 - 70,328,000.00 24 - 75,787,000.00 25 - 81,216,000.00 26 - 77,621,000.00 27 - 83,608,000.00 28 - 89,621,000.00 29 - 85,753,000.00 30 - 92,348,000.00 31 - 98,943,000.00 32 - 94,691,000.00 33 - 101,960,000.00 34 - 109,190,000.00 35 - 104,835,000.00 36 - 112,450,000.00 37 - 121,278,000.00 38 - 115,340,000.00 39 - 124,100,000.00 40 - 132,830,000.00 41 - 127,467,000.00 42 - 137,429,000.00 43 - 146,630,000.00 ... + 14 More Answers

What is the highest multiplier you can get and what is the dice threshold for it?

When you have less than 50 dice you can use up to x3. When you have over 50 dice you can use up to x5. When you have over 100 dice you can use up to x10. And if you have over 300 dice you can use up to x20. There may be higher, but that is the highest I’ve seen. (The highest dice I have had was 616) ... + 6 More Answers

What happens when you bank heist and bankrupt someone? Is their game over? What about when you send them flying off the board after rent?

They can continue to play. Unlike "real" monopoly their game does not end. The flying off the board does not happen. The player is just moved to another property. Sometimes you can see where they go, but many times you can't because of the structure of the games screen view.

Can someone who isn’t your friend bank heist you? I’ve had a few people bank heist me for over 150mil but they’re not even on my friends list.

The game is rigged to do this in order to keep you playing or to make you want to buy dice to retaliate. You can only bank heist your friends but a complete stranger can steal from you? Pathetic way of trying to keep people playing ... + 11 More Answers

Cash Boost? What times of the day does this event occur?

There doesn't look to be a set schedule for specific events, if anyone has recognised one, please share with us.

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