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Review by GuestApr 9th 2024

I enjoy it very much trying to win tournaments keep running out of Dice low income can't always buy them

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Review by GuestMar 12th 2024

It's so much fun. I love playing with family and friends.

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Review by GuestMar 4th 2024

I like it for the most part. I get mad that it seems certain spots get turned off on the board at certain times. Sometimes you know you have no chance to complete something. I mean I went through 10000 dice near the end of Galactic Challenge and won many rewards but none contained guns so..... No way to win. I do enjoy working with friends to complete challenges.

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Review by GuestFeb 8th 2024

I really love ❤️

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Review by GuestJan 18th 2024

Need a lot of work. The game is extremely buggy and has balance issues. The game crashes often and events costs way to much dice to make any sort of progress for players starting out. The game is almost to the point where it is pay to win and there needs to be a better balance for new players.

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Review by GuestJan 14th 2024

I enjoy it but it frustrates me when I can't get the stickers I need to finish albums without spending yet more money

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Review by BJeanJan 8th 2024

Love it but top addicting and getting ridiculous to complete sets

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Review by GuestJan 4th 2024

Fun Game Needs More Side Games And A Way To Get Dice Easier.

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Review by GuestJan 3rd 2024

Love the game, just some things are not fair.

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Review by GuestJan 1st 2024

It's doesn't seem fair to me alot of the outcomes seem rigged

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Review by GuestDec 12th 2023

I'm tired of people who aren't even on my friends list getting to bank heist me and you never can get that person back. You need to be able to block people or something. I hat see this game. I barely play it now, but I think I'm completely done with it now

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Review by GuestDec 1st 2023

I like it the more I play, but some things are frustrating Like never be able to get the hard to get stickers.

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Review by PimplimpnoodleNov 30th 2023

Only game I like and have on my iPhone. Very addicting!

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Review by Dixie78Nov 26th 2023

Games are challenging and hard if group doesn't help. You should get more than 50 dice for finishing boards the higher levels. Fun so far

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Review by GuestNov 22nd 2023

It's fun and exciting, just don't like when you can't get the new shields, please make some type of changes would greatly appreciate it

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Review by GuestNov 20th 2023

Love the game! Need to make it whe to where you can trade any gold Stars instead of just the 2 that Monopoly picks

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Review by GuestNov 19th 2023

I love it. Keeps me busy and I don’t get bored. I love the challenges and the entire concept of this game is awesome

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Review by GuestNov 13th 2023

Awful terrible disappointment! As a Monopoly addict when I was a kid (excuse me, REAL Monopoly), and as an avid “puzzle enjoyer” on my phone (not calling myself a gamer

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Review by GuestNov 12th 2023

I really liked the game at first, but now I’m not as thrilled because people are hoarding, selling and robbing people of the cards. I’m sorry but it is just a game. I refuse to be bullied into paying for cards that will go to waste if they are hoarded.

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Review by GuestOct 8th 2023

I like the game but there needs to be a way to get more dice rolls and money so you can play more consistant. Just a couple hundred here and there just doesn't get it. You can roll a couple hundred rolls within a couple of minutes. Doing more waiting to get more rolls then we are playing the game. After having to wait a few times gets old quick.

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Review by Gabby16Oct 7th 2023

I think monoply go needs to be updated and fixed. A lot off issues with this game...

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Review by GuestOct 6th 2023

I love it and especially the special events like Toy Maker!

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Review by GuestSep 26th 2023

Boring. Hard to get stickers and dice! Sometimes you get to play for a while and sometimes 2 minutes. Doesn't keep players engaged

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Review by GuestSep 22nd 2023

I love the game itself, but the constant freezing is a hassle. I spend more time reloading my game than I do playing. I’ve lost rewards and wasted my rolls because of the game freezing up and have gotten nothing for compensation. I wasted my dice landing on railroads for the game to freeze and I have to completely close out and reopen without getting my rewards. The stickers are impossible as well. 15+ for cards that I can’t do anything with !?

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Review by GuestSep 22nd 2023

Great game, one of the first mobile games to catch my attention

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Review by GuestSep 21st 2023

I deleted the app and they used my picture for a bot with a fake name attached to it! I got over charged for purchases and the higher the level the more dice you roll with no incentive from them other than duplicate cards this game is designed to drain your pockets. Beware !

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Review by GuestSep 19th 2023

I absolutely love playing this game and I got my whole family to play it and I mean my whole family. Problem I have with this game is that when it wanted to win it'll let you in when it doesn't want you to win you won't, meaning sometimes you feel that it's rigged because when you need to land on railroads or utilities or taxes you can't land on them but when you don't need to land on them you land on them all the time and you don't land on the things that needs you to so I think probability changes with the season and the needs and with where you're at in the game as well because now I'm at a standstill with gold cards and actually getting on certain things like utilities even though before the new adventure started I was landing on them all the time. Other than that this game is great to pass the time and to attack your family or whoever you're mad at LOL.

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Review by GuestSep 16th 2023

Really liked the game even finished the first album 5 times but they have cut back the dice you receive for everything forcing people to buy dice. I will quit before doing that Have went to customer support many times no answer or help. So a month ago I loved it. I am only 5 stickers away from finishing this time and not sure it is worth the effort

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Review by GuestSep 6th 2023

The game is fun until it absolutely quit being fun because monopoly go allows strangers who are not on your friend list to come in and attack you repeatedly but you have extremely little opportunity to retaliate against them. I really think they might be bots but whatever it is, monopoly go is allowing it. It’s just wrong. So beware that at some point down the line you will be victimized.

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Review by frankiebricks00Sep 2nd 2023

I played this for about 5 months and its a good game but its also rigged of course to make money and I understand that but i have rolled thousands of rolls and keep getting the same stickers and my friends ife had to xtra gold ones to help me complete some of them but you can’t send those cause they are rare. Well why give 2 or 3 of the same rare card when other rare cards are needed? Its just frustrating cause i know the app designers know they are cheating the customers to earn more profits. In the long run it will stop people from playing. Lose the publics trust and they will never trust you again.

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Review by GuestAug 30th 2023

Game is very addictive. I don’t think we should be charged/have to pay for more dice. There should be a way to earn them. It’s not easy to collect stickers, tokens and gold cards. I don’t really know why I even downloaded the game. I guess it was peer pressure. I need to to delete it and save my $$. This is ridiculous!

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Review by GuestJul 23rd 2023

I don't play many games let alone come close to addiction to any. But this is one of them. Be careful, you have been warned!.

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Review by GuestJul 8th 2023

Usually pretty good but since this latest update it's been terrible

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Review by GuestJul 5th 2023

We should get more chances for more dice. It fun and addicting.

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Review by GuestJun 28th 2023

The multipliers should be available regardless of how many dice you have. If I have 100 dice left I should be able to roll all of it for 100x

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Review by GuestJun 26th 2023

It's all right when you have heaps of rolls

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Review by GuestMay 27th 2023

I think it’s a good game! I’ve stopped my other games for this one.

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Review by GuestMay 16th 2023

Well-written and a good general overview! Thanks for posting

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Review by GuestMay 8th 2023

Lots of fun! Get to re-live fond childhood moments.

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Review by GuestApr 28th 2023

I love it its an amazing game. I enjoy it alot. It's lots of fun

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