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Monopoly GO! Free Rolls Updated for 2024

By Richard Gardner | Updated: Apr 10th 2024

You can purchase more free rolls in the Monopoly Go shop whenever you like, but when it comes to getting free rolls, we've got you covered like no other site. Every single way to get free dice legitimately in the game is below.

Monopoly GO! Free Rolls
Monopoly GO! Free Rolls

Free Monopoly GO! Rolls

In 2024 there are no more easy to get free rolls in Monopoly Go than ever before, and who better to guide you to getting more dice than someone that has been playing this game since launch, and still playing every day as at the time of writing this article.

Here are the best ways (and all the ways we know!) to get free rolls in Monopoly GO!

  • Time

    While you are under your max dice cap, you'll get free rolls given to you over time. This is useful especially for beginners to the game that will often be out of dice, and less so for more experienced players that mostly keep a large stash of dice to play through events that have been gained through large rewards such as completing collections, albums or partner events.

    Free rolls comeback over time, you get about eight free rolls every hour, up to your maximum. The maximum is shown at the bottom of the game board on the go button and will change according to your level.

    As you gain higher net worth levels you can get a higher free spin limit, currently the max is set at 100. So keep upgrading, and you'll be unlocking higher limits and faster free rolls in no time.

  • Daily Treats

    These are the daily log in rewards that you can collect. The rewards get bigger every day until reset after day seven. Some of the rewards include free rolls.

    Log in Daily for free Rewards including sometimes free rolls
    Log in Daily for free Rewards including sometimes free rolls
  • Full Shield Reward

    If you like to keep your shields full (by not building until you are ready to complete all landmarks) another benefit of this strategy is that each time you land on a shield, you'll get the number of dice you threw to land on that tile back again if your shields are full.

  • Build

    Spend some of your in-game cash to build and improve buildings. This will help you level up your net worth level, when reach certain net worth level milestones, you'll get rewards which could include an increase to your max roll capacity and free rolls.

    Build to complete levels and free free rolls
    Build to complete levels and free free rolls

    Another important reason to keep building is to complete levels, once all of your buildings are completely upgraded you will have completed the level and move onto the next one. You'll get a level completion reward for this which usually includes about 50 dice throws.

  • Chance Cards

    Sometimes Chance cards will give you free rolls, there is one card in the set that will give you x3 the number of dice you used to land on Chance. Community Chest on the other hand generally will just give you cash, although it does spit out a few small dice rewards sometimes.

  • Go To Jail

    When you land on Go To Jail, you get three rolls to score a double, if you do you'll get a reward of the number of one of those dice multiplied by the dice multiplier that you used to land on Go To Jail.

    Many players actually try to land on Go To Jail with a high multiplier because of this mechanic and it's ability to give you a big bag of dice.

  • Play with Friends

    Add friends via Facebook to get 100 dice for each one, up to a limit of 10 friends.

  • Quick Wins

    Check the Wins tab in the bottom left of the game screen. Some of the rewards may be free rolls. So you just need to check out what you need to do in order to get free rolls from quick wins. Complete enough of them to get the weekly prize which may include free dice.

  • Prize Drop Event

    From time to time there is the prize drop event . Here you use the small red prize drop symbols that you may have picked up in other events (such as quick wins) to drop them onto a game board in order to win in-game cash or free rolls.

  • Treasure Hunt Events

    Like Prize Drop, there are a number of treasure hunt themed special events where you have to find the hidden items much link the in game battleships.

    There are a few of these that occur with lots of different themes, for an example of one, see this page, Jungle Treasures.

  • Get Stickers and Complete Albums

    As you play through the game you will collect stickers. There are loads to collect. Each one forms part of an album, and the idea is that you complete these in order to get some in-game rewards which includes free rolls.

  • Look out for free dice links

    There are often free dice links which appear on the social networks of Monopoly GO, look out for those to get an extra 25 free dice usually for each one. We keep a list that we update every day with the latest released links here, Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

  • Free Shop Rewards

    Every 8 hours there is a free shop reward. Get this by tapping the three lines at the top of the game, selecting the shop, then slide the top panel over to the right until you get to the end. There will either be a free shop reward waiting for you or it will tell you when the next one is due. The reward contains some amount of free dice, usually between 15 and 30.

  • Play and Rank High in Tournaments

    Just playing the tournaments that appear on the right of the game every day will help, as you work your way through the 25-30 milestones you'll unlock some free dice rewards. If you rank high enough at the end of the tournament you may also get some free dice. The amount depends on the tournament and your final placing. Find out about the current tournament by heading to our All Events Explained page.

  • Play the Main Events

    Every two to four days there is a new main solo event. This is the one that is shown at the front and center of the game. There are usually about 40-50 milestones in these main events and some offer some quite large free dice rewards. Keep an eye out for our main event guides which we do for each one of these events. You can find out which is the latest event and get the rewards list by first visiting our All Events Explained page.

  • Play the Partner Events

    Partner events are a great way to pick up free dice, as long as you can find yourself some good partners! In these events you team up with four other players to complete objects to get free rewards such as dice, sticker and sometimes tokens or shield skins.

    You can find out if there is a partner event running and what the details and rewards are by first visiting our All Events Explained page.

New Event: June 14th-16th - Highway to Fame

Monopoly Go Highway to Fame Rewards (June 14th-16th)

New Tournament - June 15th-16th - Downtime Derby

Monopoly Go Downtime Derby Rewards (June 15th-16th)

New Partner Event: June 12th-16th - Tycoon Racers

Tycoon Racers rewards and event explained

Upcoming New Event: June 16th-17th - Habitat Heroes

Monopoly Go All Habitat Heroes Rewards (June 16th-17th)

Upcoming New Tournament: June 16th-17th - Bait Battle

Monopoly Go Bait Battle Rewards (June 16th-17th)

Monopoly GO! Free Rolls FAQs

  • Should I buy free rolls?

    That's entirely up to you. But there are enough ways to get them for free in the game.

  • What Are Monopoly GO! Free Dice?

    We can use the term free rolls and free dice to mean the same thing. Seeing as you are throwing dice in the game, many people will refer to free rolls as free dice in Monopoly GO!

  • Are there any other ways to get free rolls in Monopoly GO!?

    Above is the list of all of the ways that we know of to get free rolls. If you know any more ways, please drop us a comment below.

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