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Monopoly GO! Free Rolls

by RichUpdated: Apr 22nd 2023

In Monopoly GO! you can keep playing until you run out of rolls, so to keep the fun going for longer we've compiled our list of the best ways to get Monopoly GO! Free rolls.

You can purchase more free rolls in the shop whenever you like, but to avoid that there are a few things that you can do in the game to keep rolling, get the low down below.


Monopoly GO! Free Rolls

Here are the best ways (and all the ways we know!) to get free rolls in Monopoly GO!

  • Time
  • Free rolls comeback over time, you get one free roll every 15 minutes, up to your maximum. The maximum is shown at the bottom of the game board on the go button and will change according to your level. So to fill 30 rolls it will take about 7 and a half hours.

  • Daily Treats
  • These are the daily log in rewards that you can collect. The rewards get bigger every day until reset after day 7. Some of the rewards include free rolls.

    Log in Daily for free Rewards including sometimes free rolls
    Log in Daily for free Rewards including sometimes free rolls

  • Full Shield Reward
  • If you already have full shields and get another one of the rewards you'll get is a free roll.

  • Build
  • Spend some of your in-game cash to build and improve buildings. This will help you level up your net worth level, when reach certain net worth level milestones, you'll get rewards which could include an increase to your max roll capacity and free rolls.

    Build to complete levels and free free rolls
    Build to complete levels and free free rolls

    Another important reason to keep building is to complete levels, once all of your buildings are completely upgraded you will have completed the level and move onto the next one. You'll get a level completion reward for this which usually includes a generous amount of free rolls.

  • Chance and Community Chest Cards
  • Getting these cards can include free rolls. To get the community chest cards though you have to be playing with friends in the game.

  • Play with Friends
  • If you play with friends and add them to your friend list in the game you'll get 30 free rolls for each of your friends that join and start playing.

  • Quick Wins
  • Check the Wins tab in the bottom left of the game screen. Some of the rewards may be free rolls. So you just need to check out what you need to do in order to get free rolls from quick wins.

  • Prize Drop Event
  • From time to time there is the prize drop event. Here you use the small red monopoly symbols that you may have picked up in other events (such as quick wins) to drop them onto a game board in order to win in-game cash or free rolls.

  • Weekly Prizes
  • The weekly prize is also another great way to get free rolls, to get this you'll have to complete quick wins to help with progress there.

  • Get Stickers and Complete Albums
  • As you play through the game you will collect stickers. There are loads to collect. Each one forms part of an album, and the idea is that you complete these in order to get some in-game rewards which usually includes free rolls.

Monopoly GO! Free Rolls FAQ

Should I buy free rolls?

That's entirely up to you. But there are enough ways to get them for free in the game.

What Are Monopoly GO! Free Dice?

We can use the term free rolls and free dice to mean the same thing. Seeing as you are throwing dice in the game, many people will refer to free rolls as free dice in Monopoly GO!.

Are there any other ways to get free rolls in Monopoly GO!?

Above is the list of all of the ways that we know of to get free rolls. If you know any more ways, please drop us a comment below.

For some more great tips about the game check out our Monopoly GO! Cheats and Tips page.

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