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I need,

Soulmates (15)

Mugnificient (21)

I have,


Study hard


Doghouse(only if you have what I need)

& stars to trade with

Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

I know several people on this thread are on their Prestige albums now. I finished my first album with enough stars to maintain the 1,000 star vault and I’m just waiting for the next sticker boom to open it, but I wanted to ask what some of the rarer prestige stickers might be so I know what to select when the time comes, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Working on the PRESTIGE set and currently looking for a few 5-star stickers.

I'm currently looking for -

(23) Slice of Life

(24) Dive 'n Dice

(25) Money Tree

(26) Adulting

I currently have to trade -

(20) Early Hits

Play MONOPOLY GO! with me!

Would like some help finding these please:

14: rad railroads

17: Good news

18: the Doghouse

21: magnificent, behind the scenes

Only 5 star I have to trade is set20:early hits ,but I have other 4 stars,etc. Any help would be appreciated.

My other account is needing big dog to complete that set and has an extra dog house to trade for it. Trying to get dice for the dig event.

Thanks to everyone who had sent me stickers when I logged in tonight!!! Much appreciated!

On a side note, these wild stickers are stressful for choosing how you want to play.

I have set 20 rich list set 21 behind the scenes

I need set 15 wonderfur set 16 cha-Ching

Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

Hey Everyone!

For those of you in this chat that have reached the second album, I do have a few spare stickers too as well and would do not mind sending them out. Let me know if you are interested and for those who are finishing their first, I wish you goodluck as well and I will keep my eye out on your chats to help as well as best as I can (:

Prestige sticker available :

- Open Road (22) - claimed

- Perfect Picnic (22)

- Virtual Treats x2 (23)

- Tycoon Topiary (25)

He Has some 4 Stars to trade for a 5 star:



Looking for:


Post your trade offers and your game link and i will send it to him. THANKS!

Anyone have spares of Rad Railroad? And or Locomotion? Please 🙏 & Thank You 🤩 Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

She needs the following two cards:

Set 14: Rad Railroads

Set 17: Good News

Please let's make a trade :)

I will post her link once we have a trade made as I will be sending & she will be the recipient.

Thanks & Happy Monday!!!

I have the sneak, tycoon trick, go far

I need just about all of the 4* - cool collection, tycoon topiary, rooting for you, cattitude

Soo, I didn't know the dig events disappear when completed. So what happens to the spare ray guns?

Usually that kind of stuff gets converted to at least extra cash, do these just become nothing? I can probably finish the event on one alt account, but now not sure if I should wait until the last day or if it doesn't matter.

Hi 👋 would anyone have Hands On. Water Works. Sparking Fun from Set 11? Please 🙏 & Thank You 🤩 Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

Anyone have a spare Le Artist? Set 13. Please 🙏 & Thank You 🤩 Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

hiii im looking for On The Rise set 17!

I have

- Room to Rent Set 9

-Soulmates Set 15

-Rich List Set 20

Anybody willing to trade On The Rise (set 17)? I have some 4-star dupes or could trade for stars.

Here's my link (name is Mike with the mouse icon):

Hi I am about to open my chest and have several dups I want to see if anyone can use ( in in need of MUGNIFICENT if you can trade that would be great)

I don't have any five star dups that are not gold, but I do have some 4stars and plenty others

Let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do

(If I can get equal for anything given to keep my star count the would be helpful but not required)

Play MONOPOLY GO! with me! Download it here:

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