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Monkey King: Arena of Heroes Review - Take a Journey to the west!

Monkey King: Arena of Heroes Review - Take a Journey to the west!
Monkey King: Arena of Heroes is an adventure RPG with hero collection elements, set in a story that is inspired by Journey to the West. In this game, you get to choose a main character that you’ll be playing as, and build up a team composed of heroes from various factions. Go through different adventures and battle enemies with your deployed characters with specific roles. As you unlock more content in the game through the adventure mode, you’ll be able to level up your account and acquire new features in order to provide you with more content to try out.

With the hero collection aspect in Monkey King: Arena of Heroes, you must now have an idea that summoning characters will require some currencies. This game is quite generous since you can summon 10 heroes each day for free with the free codes that they give out. The heroes that you acquire need to fill roles such as DPS , Tank, etc. therefore you will want a balanced team. Purchases are available in the game in order to help you with your progression, however they really aren’t necessary since you can progress the game with what’s given to you already. If you decide that you wish to support the game, then acquiring the different shop offers can come in handy for you.

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When playing the game for the first time, you’ll be answering some questions that will help suggest a main character for you, however you still have the choice at the end on which hero you’ll want to play the game with. From there, you will start with the game’s tutorial and find that the gameplay is quite story oriented. Battles are done automatically, and you will have to level up your account by acquiring EXP from completing the adventure stages.

As you acquire more levels, you’ll get more features such as having more hero slots. The adventure mode will provide you with different chapters and sub-stages to complete, you’ll get rewards at the end for having perfect victories. Whenever you are in a battle, fights are determined through the game’s AI, and each hero has a special move that they can use which includes a special animated cutscene. This can prolong the battle though, since the cutscenes can’t be skipped. Your team composition and placement will help determine the outcome of a fight, since some enemies specialize in hitting enemies at the front or back rows.

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Battles in the adventure mode will require stamina. You will also need to farm some stages in order to acquire materials for making your hero stronger such as providing breakthroughs. Soon enough, you will need to raid stages and use up stamina often. Thankfully, you get a free refill each day so make the most of what is provided for you.

There are different class rarities as well when summoning heroes. You’ll want to acquire legendary characters since they have the highest potential for the best stats and skills. When starting the story, you’ll be provided with heroes that can help you out. Make sure to save up your Jade Rings and Ingots in order for you to summon. You’ll also be able to get summons through gift codes daily once you have reached the required level for this feature.

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With the different factions available for heroes, they have distinct styles for their art. Skills in battle provide flashy effects, and they all have unique animations for their special attacks. Your home screen is simple to navigate, but as you unlock more features, you’ll often find a lot of menus within menus which can be confusing. Thankfully, features are provided based on your level progression, therefore you won’t have information overload.

The game features voice acting, and you have the option to switch from English, Chinese, and Japanese languages which provides them with a lot more personality. You’ll hear your heroes talk a lot at the main screen, and in battle. The background music provides a good oriental mix, however the sound effects for some attacks, as well as menus leave a lot to be desired.

The progression of your game will be dependent on your account’s level, you can only acquire EXP from the adventure mode, daily quests, as well as pavilion hunts, therefore using up all of your stamina can slow things down. Battles can also become slow especially if a lot of cutscenes are going on. However, if you enjoy collecting different heroes and learning more about the story inspired by Journey to the West then this game can provide you with a lot of content that you’ll enjoy.

- Review by Appgamer staff Aryafortis

4.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Sep 23rd 2022

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