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In Monkey King: Arena of Heroes, having increased combat power will help you out throughout your journey through the game’s adventure. Not only that, but your combat power will be your basis for progression as you battle stronger enemies, no matter which mode of gameplay you choose. There are a lot of ways that you can increase this such as leveling your heroes, as well as improving your relics.

The Relics that you can acquire will help all of your heroes since it provides an overall boost to them. You can also make your relics stronger by cultivating them, as well as gathering their materials in order to make advancements. In this page, we’ll be checking out the Pavilion Hunt feature which lets you gather the needed materials for your relics.

What is the Pavilion Hunt?

If you have checked out our Relics guide, you’ll know that the Relics feature is tied to the Pavilion Hunt. As a refresher, Relics can be acquired by unlocking different relic spirits which can provide added bonuses to your Team’s HP, ATK, PDEF, and MDEF. Each relic has bonuses as well to specific factions, so focusing your resources on improving specific relics will help you out.

Unlock Relic Spirits and go on Treasure Hunts for each of them to gather materials
Unlock Relic Spirits and go on Treasure Hunts for each of them to gather materials

Acquiring the materials that you need in order to unlock relics, as well as cultivate and infuse them, can all be obtained from the Pavilion Hunt feature. When checking this section, you’ll be provided with a tree with all of the relics that you can unlock, as well as have unlocked so far. Relics are shown through the different branches of the tree as spirits.

Basic spirits are found at the bottom of the tree, and rarer spirits can be unlocked as you go up. New spirits can only be unlocked once you have reached the required account level as well. You can check the Relic section to know the bonuses you can acquire from them.

Treasure Hunt Mechanics and Rewards

If you check on a specific Relic spirit, you’ll find out that they’ll have similar interfaces. There will be 12 pillars available, and you will need to summon spirits using energy. Energy is refilled over time, or you can use ingots to get more. Your main goal is to summon spirits, and then merge similar ones together in order to evolve them to stronger spirits. You can use the Auto button as well in order for the process to be done automatically for you. Each summon levels up your progression bar, provides you with Silver, as well as a Soul Bead. More importantly, you can acquire EXP for your account in order to level it up.

Summon spirits using Energy, and pair up similar spirits. You can use the Auto button as well.
Summon spirits using Energy, and pair up similar spirits. You can use the Auto button as well.

Reaching 25, 50, and 75 percent in completion will unlock Serendipity events. This can include quiz games, battles, and other mini-games which will let you acquire more rewards such as Ingots, Jade Rings, Silver, and more. You must aim for 100 percent completion for treasure hunts in order to acquire the Spirit Shard Material for your Relic Spirit in order to make them stronger, Ingots are also provided as another reward.

Acquire extra rewards through Serendipity events
Acquire extra rewards through Serendipity events

Using up all of your Energy through the game’s Auto mode will help you in farming the Spirit Shards of your choice. All of the rewards you acquire will be useful in making your Relic Spirits stronger since you can advance them as well as cultivate them. You can refill your Energy daily for free each day, or perhaps use Energy items, Ganoderma, or Daily Energy packs for more.

Once you have used up all of your Energy with your treasure hunts, you can check the Relic section and start improving your Relics. Cultivating them will increase the bonuses for your Team’s HP, ATK, PDEF, and MDEF. Once you have maxed this out, you can use the Spirit Shards you acquired in order to increase their Infusion level, which will increase their cultivation cap further. Keep doing this for all of your Spirits daily, and your CP will be increased in no time. Don’t forget to do this as part of your daily routine.

This concludes our Pavilion Hunt Guide page in Monkey King: Arena of Heroes. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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