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The library is a very important building where research is conducted. The upgrades it offers is split into 5 categories for now with a 6th or possibly more branches to upgrade. The later technologies are locked until you progress through the game more by upgrading the buildings needed or the library itself.

The sections focus on different aspects of gameplay.
The Resources section aids in your ability to collect resources like speeding up the collecting time, increasing the amount produces, and also increasing the storage capacity on your warehouse.


The Town development section has upgrades pertaining to the town’s development like increasing troops’ carry load so that they can carry more resources back from their raids, speeding up building construction, making your stamina recover faster so you can do more activities that require stamina, to even making your doctor’s tents heal your wounded troops faster.

The Town Defense section is a section dedicated to improving your defense of your town.
The improvements range from just increasing your overall defense, improving the defense and / or attack of your soldiers who are left to defend your town, to increasing the efficacy of your traps.

The Military section focuses on the offensive force of your town and its soldiers.
The upgrades offer improvements to your units by increasing their attack or defense, shortening training time, speeding up their marching time so that they get to and fro faster, and most notably, the ability to add additional “raids” so that you can order more actions on the state map.

And last (for now) but not the least, The Tactics section improves upon a mix of the other trees in that it aids in resources gained and lost during plot skirmishes, improves training and / or healing speed of certain troop types, and boosting your troop morale and reducing the opponents troop morale when you encounter them.

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