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Smuggler's Den

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Smuggler’s Den
The Smuggler’s Den is a structure where you can obtain various items that may aid you. It varies from resources, items used to upgrade your heroes or some select structures, time reduction for training or construction to name a few. The Smuggler’s Den uses a sort of barter system that you trade resources for the items.

Smuggler's Den

There is also a premium item section on the top that shows a special deal.
A timer is also present that shows how long the deal will last.

There is also a refresh button that reshuffles the choices below. First few times to refresh are free but
succeeding refreshes gradually increase in gold.

There is also a rare deal that may come if you are lucky. These deals usually cost a lot but in these rare instances, A deal of just 1 gold can be made. Provided you have enough storage for it (if the item is a type of resource.

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