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Boss (Player Avatar or Character)

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Boss (Player Avatar or Character)

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Boss (Player Avatar or Character)
In this section, you can see different information regarding your own player character. Such as his equipment and power level which is an overall gauge to compare yourself with other bosses.

Boss (Player Avatar or Character)

The equipment section will be unlocked after you have progressed enough chapters to unlock the Firearms & Finery shop.

Also on this section, right under the boots section of the equipment, an “Edit” button is present.
Tapping on the button allows you to customize certain cosmetic stuff like your:
Boss Title - An aesthetic change on the nameplate seen outside your town
Signature - Edit your signature. Available to a minimum of lvl 2 VIP
Avatar Frame - Choose from various frames for your display picture,
Chatter Box - Choose from available chat bubbles for when you chat.
Change Avatar - Choose from a selection of avatar pictures. Or, you can upload your own at VIP10
Avatar Alteration
Name Change
You get a free name change early on in the game. Succeeding name changes require payment.

Boss (Player Avatar or Character)

Boss Ranking
On the bottom left is a Trophy. This is the Boss ranking page. It shows how you fare against other Bosses in the server.
Areas like Boss Power, Kills, Town Hall level, Boss level, Achievement Rankings, Roses, and Military Rank.

Honor Roll
To the right of the Boss Ranking, is a frame with a medal on it. This is the Honor Roll page.
This is an important page as it offers free gold coins upon achieving certain conditions like upgrading certain buildings or reaching a boss level. Be sure to check this page from time to time to acquire free gold coins.

Boss (Player Avatar or Character)

Boss Skills
Next is the Boss Skills page. This is another important aspect to the game because this is where you acquire vital skills that help your game. These are a bit similar to the ones you research but have a bigger impact and also there are active skills present like some give you instant resources. You get skill points as you level up your main avatar.

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