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State Map

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State Map
After you have completed some chapters and have finished upgrading your town, you will be given the option to go out of your town by tapping on the map icon in the bottom right.

State Map

Coming out on the map will allow you to see the other player towns, Critters (which are PvM opponents that have varying levels of power), and different resource bases you can “occupy” to harvest their respective resource.

State Map

You will also see here which bases have a shield. Meaning they can’t be attacked while the shield is up. The free shield all new players get last about 2 days.

On of the best thing you can do especially in the earlier stages of your game is to attack "Critters". No idea why the game chose to call them that because how do bandits or other scoundrels of the west are called critters?. That aside, they are easy targets that have a level and power rating.
When tap on a critter, you can see the power level they have and what they can drop.
Tapping the attack button brings you to your raid screen. If you don't have any active raids, all your troops are automatically placed. If your troop power rating isn't high enough, you could lose the fight. Basically, higher power rating radically increases the chance of victory.

Another important part of the state map are resource nodes. These come in the form of things like the Farmstead, Logging Shed to name the first two resource nodes. The others unlock at a later level.
To fully utilize the node's resources, when you have unlocked the Arsenal, build as much wagons as you can. Having many wagons makes the time spent on occupying the node will be worth it in that it gets all available resources from the node.

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