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Frontier Justice - Return to the Wild West is a strategy sim typè game where you play the role of a bounty hunter. There are loads of things to do in the game as you conquer the old west by capturing criminals, fighting outlaws, hunting legendary animals, taming legendary horses, enhancing weapons, and building up your town. Below you'll find some Frontier Justice Cheats and Tips to help you on your journey to conquer the Wild West.

Frontier Justice Cheats and Tips

Use the Tax Man's Office
The Tax Man's Office is a building that allows you to obtain free Resources every day. Although the Resources you can take is limited, the free collection chances don't carry over to the next day. So make sure you use it up so it doesn't go to waste.

Get more raid parties enabled
One of the most important parts of the game is raiding. You begin with one raid and can get up to potentially three or more (if they add more in future updates). Having more raids will greatly increase your gains as you will be able to gather Resources and raid nodes on the State Map simultaneously.

Split your forces wisely
If you have more raids, the game wont tell you about splitting your forces.
It will just have all your available troops go. You have a choice of reducing the amount of troops you send if your raiding party's power greatly surpasses your target. Do so by either manually dragging your troops slider one by one for each troop type, or use the slider on the bottom that reduces all troops equally.

Whenever the arsenal is ready, Build as much wagons as you can as they have the most carrying capacity of the other units. They are best used to gather Resources from the random resource nodes that pop up around the Map.
You can send only wagons to them since they don't hold enemies there.

Do the Daily Quests
On the bottom left (as of writing) of the screen there is a button with a pen and paper. Check it out in our page about it. Doing the Dailies here will yield a lot of Resources and some items that will surely help your journey.

Overview Tab
A new addition (at the time of writing) to the game is the Overview section.
It can be found on the left side of the screen. Hidden by a " > " button.
Tapping on it will reveal centralized information neatly gathered for ease of use. Very useful when your town becomes crowded and it makes it hard to find things.

Cargo section beside Railway Station
One of the first buildings you will see in your town is the Railway Station. Beside it is the Cargo platform. This platform periodically gives items. Although the time between claiming rewards increases each time you take it. Make sure to keep tapping on it because sometimes it gives rare items and Resources you can get on demand.

Assign Heroes to buildings
Once you have multiple Heroes, it is highly advisable for you to Assign them to certain buildings. Especially things like the Library since it makes Research go faster or the warehouse to protect your Resources better. If you are fond of attacking, assign them to military buildings like gunsmith to make it train units faster. It is also good to note that some Heroes fit certain buildings better. So be sure to check their skills and / or teach them a skill (although it will take some time because of the need to collect skill pieces).

We really hope these tips are useful for you, we've got loads for content for this game over on our Frontier Justice Guide which explains more about the game in-depth.

You should also check out our Frontier Justice answers page for Q&A and FAQs from other players, you can also ask any question you want to know about the game there for other visitors to try to answer.

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