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Attacking Critters

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Attacking Critters

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Attacking Critters

Critters are those entities you see on the map with a number written on a badge icon. These numbers represent their difficulty. You must also work your way up the levels to be able to challenge the tougher ones. This means that you can’t attack a level 1 then go up to a level 3. You must beat a level 2 critter first.

To attack a critter, simply tap on it and select your heroes and the units you will send.

Make sure to check the critter’s power level. If it is too high, then probably improve your troops first.

Once you have selected, choose to raid it and your troops will march towards it.

Attacking Critters

Fighting the critter. The fight against the computer opponents are basically a clash between your power level and theirs. If your power is far greater than theirs, then you don't have to worry.

Attacking Critters

After winning, you will receive rewards based on the difficulty of the opponent.

Attacking Critters

It is also best to get to fighting at least level 10 critters as these critters have a better item rewards and most notably, hero rations. These hero rations have a lot of good items but most notably, a hero that is named on the box like "John Collin's Rations" would have a good chance of giving John Collin hero shards.

Another things to note is your stamina. Each action you do consumes stamina. If you plan on doing a lot of raids or just any action on the state map, you should also consider putting points or eventually maxing out the Boss skill called "Recovery" under the Assist category. Maxing this out greatly increases your stamina recovery. After maxing recovery, the active skill below it instantly recovers 30 stamina although with a cool down.

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