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Assigning Heroes to structures

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Assigning Heroes to structures

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Assigning Heroes to structures
Assigning a Hero to any structure will boost whatever that structure is doing. For example; if you put assign a hero in the library, research time will get shorter. Even more so if you assign a hero that goes well with the structure.

To assign a hero:

1. Select an appropriate building and tap on “Assign”.

There you will see various buildings you can assign a hero to as well as the effect of having them assigned there.

2. Tap the plus “+” button to open the hero selection.

Assigning Heroes to structures

3. Select the hero you wish to assign. Also notice that in this page, there are various information regarding the hero assignment. Information like Active Hero Attributes, which indicate which of the stats of the hero will be used for that assignment. For example, assigning a hero to the warehouse will rely on the development stat of the hero. The higher the Development stat, the greater the effect of the hero being assigned there.
Aside from stats, some heroes have skills that affect the assignment. So it may not always be true that just because a hero has a higher stat in the required stat, that he or she may be better.

Assigning Heroes to structures

You can actually customize a hero by teaching them skills that complement their duty.
Open the hero list and then choose the hero you want and select the skills tab.
Although you will need to have collected enough skill shards to obtain one teachable skill.

There is also a quick assign button in this page. You can let the game decide on which hero is best for the available buildings if you don't have much time to check each and every one carefully. Although it is still best to check them out manually to get the most out of the game.

Assigning Heroes to structures

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