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Let’s get started on your journey to be the best Wild West Boss in the frontier.

After the game patches and loads, you can select your gender. The choice won’t have an effect on your game. It is entirely a cosmetic choice.

Getting Started

You will get into a duel with some bandit and it will trigger the story. You will meet one of the heroes of the game, Missie Ross. A choice will be present but it will only change some dialogue but the end result is the same.

Getting Started

After the duel, you will have to upgrade some buildings. The tutorial will guide you and you can’t deviate from it anyway.

Getting Started

Sooner or later, the bandits will return and you may have to choose to fight or talk with their leader. Whatever choice you pick, a fight will take place.

Getting Started

After you finish the sequence, you will get your first hero, Missie Ross.

Getting Started

You can upgrade the rest of your buildings before ending the chapter or just go straight ahead to the next chapter.

Getting Started

Just continue the story from each chapter like this or upgrade as much as you can. I suggest upgrade most of your buildings but don’t take too long or your shield might run out. It lasts for about 2 days.

When you are free to do things other than when you are locked to the tutorial, you may want to link your free account to another service for security. Doing so will enable you to log in on other devices, and also, if ever something happens to your device, you can still use your account. There are choices of Binding with facebook, Binding with your email, Binding with Game Center, Binding with Apple, or Binding with google play games.

Not only do you safeguard your account and the flexibility of logging into other devices, you also get some resources and items for binding.

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