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In the store, you can purchase Gold Bullions which are used to purchase some of the deals featured in the store. Most of the purchases here also give you VIP points.

Best Sellers
These are packages that are themed for different purposes. There is usually a sale or a discount going on here.

The first one here, currently “Recruit Report” offers bonuses to things related to training units.

Do note that this first section changes from time to time.


Town Fixer-upper
Offers a range of items that help you build and upgrade structures in your town. From items that reduce the time in upgrading or building and also some resources for doing so.

Town Starter
Town Starter pack is a cheaper version of the Town Fixer-upper with less items. If you choose to spend on this game, this is a good choice to buy to see if it fits your spending habits.

Volunteers Creed
A pack that focuses on troop training. It offers items like 5 minute reduction, 1 hour reduction,
5 minute troop training, 1 hour troop training, and resources.

Daily Special
As the name suggest, these are deals you can purchase with real money with a multitude of items that will most certainly help you in your quest to rule the Wild West. These deals change daily.

Buy Gold
This is where you purchase Gold Bullions for your purchases in the other sections of the store or change into Gold. The coins you use to instantly finish some construction, training, research, etc.

Tiered Packs
This section is similar to the best sellers page in that the contents are themed to a certain task. Like the pack called Mason Essentials are themed towards construction.
The main difference is in the name. Tiered meaning you have to buy the cheaper ones first before you unlock the next tiers that have better offers.

Mason Essentials
A tiered pack focused on construction and upgrading. Also comes with resources.

Tech Development
A tiered pack focused on research and development that improve your gameplay depending on which tree you focus on. It also comes with resources. Research is a good thing to focus on because almost all the research take a long time and having a good head start with the tech is overall a good idea.

Wagon Supplies
This tiered pack is focused on just a lot of resources for all your needs.

Frontier Army Recruiting
The Frontier Army Recruiting pack is focused on troop training. With items like time reduction and resources as well.

Builder’s Beginning
The Builder’s Beginning is a cheaper version of the Mason Essentials pack. If you want to test if spending is your thing, this is the tiered pack to go for.

Custom Gear
This tiered pack offers items that help you obtain and improve your hero’s equipment.

Wise Chieftain
The Wise Chieftain pack offers exp for your hero (Your avatar). Purchase these to give a big boost to your player’s level.

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