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Best Team Setup

Best Team Setup
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There is no single one best team setup, you'll need to adapt your team depending on the battle you are about to face. To make this decision tap the icons of the enemy team to explore their individual strengths and weaknesses.

However, if you are looking for a standard team setup that should get you through a lot of levels and general matches such as the Morning Mimosa Tournament then we have the following suggestions for you.

3 Roger Team
If you can only have three Roger's in your team make sure they are trained to the highest they can be based on the level of your Training Room. If you can, upgrade your training room to allow your Roger's to become higher level.

now it really depends on what weapons you have unlocked at this stage. For example, if you have already unlocked a legendary weapon, it's likely your best team will include a Roger with this weapon - whatever it is! So please beat that in mind when constructing your team.

A Team of one melee and two gunslingers usually works well for the initial stages. Make sure they have the appropriate equipment. If you have a good energy weapon, then you may want to swapo one of those gunslingers for an engineer with the energy weapon, make sure that this Roger has items that boost energy and energy attacks.

4 Roger Team
Still it will depend on what you have unlocked in terms of equipment and weapons, and again, you'll need to upgrade your training room as much as you can and make sure your Roger's are leveled up as high as they can be at this point.

Suggestions for teams for 4 Rogers include 3 melee fighters and one gunslinger, or one engineer that can revive or restore health. Two gunslingers and two melee fighters also work really well for most battles.

If you have a good legendary weapon at this point then you should include that in your team setup whatever it is.

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