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We've been playing American Dad Apocalypse Soon! for some time and along they way we've been jotting down some tips that we'd like to share with our readers on this page,

American Dad Apocalypse Soon: Tips

1. Check the map and participate in Invasions and PvP battles

It's really important to complete as many of these as you can when they come up as the PvPs will gain you a lot of resources, and the Invasions will gain you come resources but also quite often garner you some quite useful equipment.

2. Keep playing through the map missions

You'll often get some great gear by completing the missions on the map as well as some resources

3. Stuck on a map mission?

Check out our answers page, as we may have an answer for the specific mission you are stuck on. But a good general tip is to upgrade your Rogers, if they are already at their highest level, then upgrade your training room. It may take some time, but you may need higher level Rogers all of a sudden and you won't be able to get any further until you upgrade them.

4. Check your Enemy Avatars

Before you start any battle you can tap the avatar to show the attributes of the enemy you are facing. This is especially useful to do for Boss Battles on the map missions, and any mission which you can't seem to pass. The attributes page will give you clues as to your enemies strength's and vulnerabilities.

5. Plan Ahead for your Rooms

Certain rooms will need more resources than you are able to store, in that case, plan ahead and remember to increase your storage.

6. Use the correct items for the jobs the Rogers are doing

Don't forget to equip your Rogers for the jobs they are doing in the house. For example, if they are int he mint, then make sure they have the corresponding equipment for the best bonuses.

7. Upgrade Powers are take them into your battles

Powers will help you punch way above your weight, especially the energy restore power. Upgrade these when you can for a better effect.

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